Gene: Esr1 (estrogen receptor 1 (alpha)) Mus musculus
Symbol: Esr1
Name: estrogen receptor 1 (alpha)
Description: This gene encodes an estrogen receptor, a member of the nuclear hormone family of intracellular receptors. The encoded protein, activated by the sex hormone estrogen, is a transcription factor composed of several domains important for hormone binding, DNA binding, and activation of transcription. Estrogen and its receptors are essential for sexual development and reproductive function, but also play a role in other tissues such as bone. Similar genes in human have been implicated in pathological processes including breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and osteoporosis. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants. [provided by RefSeq, Oct 2014]
Type: protein-coding
RefSeq Status: REVIEWED
Also known as: AA420328; AU041214; C-terminally-truncated estrogen receptor alpha product-4; C-terminally-truncated estrogen receptor alpha product-5; C-terminally-truncated estrogen receptor alpha product-6; C-terminally-truncated estrogen receptor alpha product-7; ER; ER-alpha; ER[a]; ERa; ERalpha; ESR; Estr; Estra; estradiol receptor; estrogen receptor; estrogen receptor alpha variant U1; estrogen receptor alpha variant U2; Nr3a1; nuclear receptor subfamily 3 group A member 1; OTTMUSP00000022868; OTTMUSP00000022869; OTTMUSP00000022870
Homo sapiens (human) : ESR1 (estrogen receptor 1)  HGNC  Alliance
Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat) : Esr1 (estrogen receptor 1)  Alliance
Chinchilla lanigera (long-tailed chinchilla) : Esr1 (estrogen receptor 1)
Pan paniscus (bonobo/pygmy chimpanzee) : ESR1 (estrogen receptor 1)
Canis lupus familiaris (dog) : ESR1 (estrogen receptor 1)
Ictidomys tridecemlineatus (thirteen-lined ground squirrel) : Esr1 (estrogen receptor 1)
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Latest Assembly: GRCm38 - Mouse Genome Assembly GRCm38
Mouse AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
GRCm38104,611,989 - 5,005,633 (+)NCBIGRCm38GRCm38mm10GRCm38
MGSCv37105,342,780 - 5,734,495 (-)NCBIGRCm37mm9NCBIm37
MGSCv36105,342,780 - 5,734,495 (-)NCBImm8
Celera104,553,645 - 4,950,922 (+)NCBICelera
Cytogenetic Map10 A1NCBI
cM Map102.03NCBI
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