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Strain Availability Table

 Parent Strain Japan SLC, Inc NBRP   PhysGen Charles River  Harlan Taconic RRRC
 BUF (Buffalo)
 COP (Copenhagen)
 DA ( Dark Agouti)
 F344 (Fischer 344) √ 
 FHH (Fawn Hooded Hypertensive)  
 GH (Genetically Hypertensive)
 GK ( Goto Kakizaki)  
 LE (Long Evans)
 LEW (Lewis)  
 OLETF (Otsuka Long-Evans Tokushima fatty)
 SD (Sprague-Dawley)
 SDR (Spontaneous dwarf rat)
 SHR (Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat)
 SR(Dahl Salt Ressitant)
 SS (Dahl Salt Sensitive)
 WF (Wistar Furth)
 WKY (Wistar Kyoto)
 ZUC (Zucker)


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