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Gene: Cdk1 (cyclin-dependent kinase 1) Rattus norvegicus
Symbol: Cdk1
Name: cyclin-dependent kinase 1
RGD ID: 2319
Description: Enables cyclin binding activity; cyclin-dependent protein serine/threonine kinase activity; and histone kinase activity. Involved in several processes, including Golgi disassembly; positive regulation of cardiac muscle cell proliferation; and positive regulation of protein import into nucleus. Acts upstream of or within negative regulation of gene expression. Predicted to be located in several cellular components, including endoplasmic reticulum exit site; microtubule cytoskeleton; and nucleus. Predicted to be part of cyclin A2-CDK1 complex and cyclin B1-CDK1 complex. Predicted to be active in nucleus. Predicted to colocalize with mitochondrial matrix. Human ortholog(s) of this gene implicated in breast cancer; cervical cancer; and urinary bladder cancer. Orthologous to human CDK1 (cyclin dependent kinase 1); PARTICIPATES IN cell cycle pathway, mitotic; G1/S transition pathway; G2/M checkpoint pathway; INTERACTS WITH (+)-catechin; (+)-pilocarpine; 1,1,1-Trichloro-2-(o-chlorophenyl)-2-(p-chlorophenyl)ethane.
Type: protein-coding
Previously known as: Cdc2; Cdc2a; cell division control protein 2 homolog; cell division cycle 2; cell division cycle 2 homolog A; cell division cycle 2 homolog A (S. pombe); cell division cycle 2, G1 to S and G2 to M; Cell division cycle control protein 2; cell division protein kinase 1; p34 protein kinase
RGD Orthologs
Green Monkey
Naked Mole-Rat
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Latest Assembly: mRatBN7.2 - mRatBN7.2 Assembly
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
mRatBN7.22019,266,226 - 19,281,417 (+)NCBImRatBN7.2mRatBN7.2
mRatBN7.2 Ensembl2019,266,248 - 19,281,408 (+)EnsemblmRatBN7.2 Ensembl
UTH_Rnor_SHR_Utx2019,995,212 - 20,010,375 (+)NCBIRnor_SHRUTH_Rnor_SHR_Utx
UTH_Rnor_SHRSP_BbbUtx_1.02019,347,690 - 19,362,853 (+)NCBIRnor_SHRSPUTH_Rnor_SHRSP_BbbUtx_1.0
UTH_Rnor_WKY_Bbb_1.02019,822,895 - 19,838,058 (+)NCBIRnor_WKYUTH_Rnor_WKY_Bbb_1.0
Rnor_6.02020,576,341 - 20,591,510 (+)NCBIRnor6.0Rnor_6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_6.0 Ensembl2020,576,377 - 20,591,549 (+)EnsemblRnor6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_5.02022,694,883 - 22,709,860 (+)NCBIRnor5.0Rnor_5.0rn5Rnor5.0
RGSC_v3.42020,018,044 - 20,044,030 (+)NCBIRGSC3.4RGSC_v3.4rn4RGSC3.4
RGSC_v3.12020,031,843 - 20,057,830 (+)NCBI
Celera2020,642,946 - 20,658,475 (+)NCBICelera
RH 3.4 Map20252.37RGD
Cytogenetic Map20p11NCBI
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Gene-Chemical Interaction Annotations     Click to see Annotation Detail View
(+)-catechin  (EXP)
(+)-pilocarpine  (EXP)
(-)-citrinin  (ISO)
(-)-demecolcine  (ISO)
(1->4)-beta-D-glucan  (ISO)
(1S)-bornane-2,3-dione  (ISO)
(20R)-protopanaxadiol  (ISO)
(S)-naringenin  (ISO)
(S)-nicotine  (ISO)
1,1,1-trichloro-2,2-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethane  (ISO)
1,1,1-Trichloro-2-(o-chlorophenyl)-2-(p-chlorophenyl)ethane  (EXP,ISO)
1,1-dichloroethene  (ISO)
1,2-dimethylhydrazine  (ISO)
1,3-dinitrobenzene  (EXP,ISO)
1-chloro-2,4-dinitrobenzene  (ISO)
1-naphthyl isothiocyanate  (EXP)
17alpha-ethynylestradiol  (EXP,ISO)
17beta-estradiol  (EXP,ISO)
2,2',4,4',5,5'-hexachlorobiphenyl  (ISO)
2,2',4,4'-Tetrabromodiphenyl ether  (ISO)
2,2',5,5'-tetrachlorobiphenyl  (ISO)
2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzodioxine  (EXP,ISO)
2,4-dinitrotoluene  (EXP)
2-acetamidofluorene  (EXP)
2-amino-2-deoxy-D-glucopyranose  (EXP)
2-methoxy-17beta-estradiol  (ISO)
2-methylcholine  (ISO)
2-nitrofluorene  (EXP)
2-trans,6-trans,10-trans-geranylgeranyl diphosphate  (EXP)
3',4',5-trihydroxy-3,7-dimethoxyflavone  (ISO)
3,3',4,4',5-pentachlorobiphenyl  (EXP)
3,3',5,5'-tetrabromobisphenol A  (EXP)
3-[(4-anilinophenyl)diazenyl]benzene-1-sulfonic acid  (EXP)
4,4'-diaminodiphenylmethane  (EXP)
4,4'-sulfonyldiphenol  (ISO)
4-(ethoxymethylene)-2-phenyloxazol-5-one  (ISO)
4-(N-nitrosomethylamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)butan-1-one  (EXP)
4-hydroxyphenyl retinamide  (ISO)
4-nitrophenol  (ISO)
4-phenylbutyric acid  (ISO)
5,7-dihydroxy-4'-methoxyflavone  (ISO)
5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine  (EXP,ISO)
5-azacytidine  (ISO)
5-fluorouracil  (ISO)
5-formyltetrahydrofolic acid  (ISO)
6-propyl-2-thiouracil  (EXP)
acetamide  (EXP)
aconitine  (ISO)
acrylamide  (EXP,ISO)
afimoxifene  (ISO)
aflatoxin B1  (EXP,ISO)
aflatoxin M1  (ISO)
alachlor  (EXP)
aldehydo-D-glucosamine  (EXP)
aldehydo-D-glucose  (ISO)
all-trans-retinoic acid  (EXP,ISO)
alpha-hexylcinnamaldehyde  (ISO)
alpha-naphthoflavone  (ISO)
alvocidib  (ISO)
amifostine  (ISO)
ammonium chloride  (EXP)
aniline  (EXP)
anthocyanin  (ISO)
anthra[1,9-cd]pyrazol-6(2H)-one  (ISO)
antimycin A  (ISO)
apigenin  (ISO)
arecoline  (ISO)
aristolochic acid A  (EXP)
aristolochic acids  (EXP)
arsane  (ISO)
arsenic atom  (ISO)
arsenite(3-)  (ISO)
arsenous acid  (EXP,ISO)
atenolol  (ISO)
atrazine  (ISO)
atropine  (ISO)
auraptene  (ISO)
azathioprine  (ISO)
baicalein  (ISO)
belinostat  (ISO)
benzene  (ISO)
benzo[a]pyrene  (ISO)
benzo[a]pyrene diol epoxide I  (ISO)
benzo[b]fluoranthene  (ISO)
benzophenone  (EXP)
beta-D-glucosamine  (EXP)
beta-naphthoflavone  (EXP,ISO)
bexarotene  (ISO)
bicalutamide  (ISO)
biphenyl-4-amine  (ISO)
bis(2-chloroethyl) sulfide  (ISO)
bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate  (ISO)
bisphenol A  (EXP,ISO)
Bisphenol A glycidylmethacrylate  (ISO)
Bisphenol B  (EXP,ISO)
bisphenol F  (ISO)
bortezomib  (ISO)
bryostatin 1  (ISO)
buspirone  (EXP)
buta-1,3-diene  (ISO)
butane-2,3-dione  (ISO)
butylated hydroxyanisole  (EXP)
cadmium atom  (EXP,ISO)
cadmium dichloride  (EXP,ISO)
caffeine  (ISO)
calcitriol  (ISO)
camptothecin  (ISO)
cannabidiol  (ISO)
capsaicin  (EXP)
carbon nanotube  (ISO)
catechol  (EXP)
cefaloridine  (EXP)
CGP 52608  (ISO)
chlorambucil  (ISO)
chlorendic acid  (EXP)
chloroprene  (ISO)
choline  (ISO)
chromium atom  (ISO)
chromium(6+)  (EXP,ISO)
ciglitazone  (ISO)
ciprofloxacin  (EXP)
cisplatin  (ISO)
clofibrate  (ISO)
clotrimazole  (ISO)
cobalt dichloride  (ISO)
copper atom  (EXP,ISO)
copper(0)  (EXP,ISO)
copper(II) sulfate  (ISO)
cordycepin  (ISO)
corosolic acid  (ISO)
corticosterone  (EXP)
coumarin  (ISO)
coumestrol  (ISO)
crocidolite asbestos  (ISO)
cucurbitacin I  (ISO)
Cuprizon  (EXP)
curcumin  (EXP,ISO)
cyanocob(III)alamin  (ISO)
cyclosporin A  (ISO)
cytochalasin B  (ISO)
D-glucose  (ISO)
deguelin  (ISO)
deoxynivalenol  (ISO)
desloratadine  (ISO)
dexamethasone  (EXP,ISO)
diallyl disulfide  (ISO)
diallyl trisulfide  (ISO)
diarsenic trioxide  (EXP,ISO)
diazinon  (EXP)
dibenz[a,h]anthracene  (ISO)
dibutyl phthalate  (EXP,ISO)
dicrotophos  (ISO)
Dictamnine  (ISO)
dieldrin  (EXP)
diepoxybutane  (ISO)
diethylstilbestrol  (EXP)
digitoxin  (ISO)
Diosbulbin B  (ISO)
dioscin  (ISO)
dioxygen  (EXP,ISO)
diquat  (ISO)
diuron  (EXP)
dorsomorphin  (ISO)
doxorubicin  (EXP,ISO)
Echimidine  (ISO)
elemental selenium  (ISO)
ellagic acid  (ISO)
ellipticine  (ISO)
endosulfan  (EXP)
Enterolactone  (ISO)
enzyme inhibitor  (ISO)
erythromycin estolate  (EXP)
ethanol  (EXP,ISO)
fenbendazole  (EXP)
fenpyroximate  (ISO)
fipronil  (EXP)
fisetin  (ISO)
flumequine  (ISO)
folic acid  (ISO)
fructose  (ISO)
fulvestrant  (ISO)
furan  (EXP)
gamma-linolenic acid  (ISO)
gamma-tocopherol  (ISO)
gefitinib  (ISO)
genistein  (ISO)
gentamycin  (EXP)
geraniol  (ISO)
gingerol  (ISO)
glucose  (ISO)
glycidol  (EXP)
glycine betaine  (ISO)
glyphosate  (ISO)
Goe 6976  (ISO)
gold atom  (ISO)
gold(0)  (ISO)
gossypin  (ISO)
guggulsterone  (ISO)
GW 4064  (ISO)
harmine  (ISO)
hellebrigenin  (ISO)
herbicide  (ISO)
hydrogen peroxide  (ISO)
hydroxamic acid  (EXP)
indirubin  (ISO)
inuviscolide  (ISO)
irinotecan  (EXP,ISO)
isoprenaline  (ISO)
isosilybin A  (ISO)
ivermectin  (ISO)
kaempferol  (ISO)
ketamine  (EXP)
L-ascorbic acid  (EXP)
L-methionine  (ISO)
Lasiocarpine  (ISO)
lead diacetate  (EXP)
leflunomide  (EXP,ISO)
leptomycin B  (ISO)
levofloxacin  (EXP)
Licochalcone A  (ISO)
Licochalcone B  (ISO)
lidocaine  (EXP)
limonene  (EXP)
lipopolysaccharide  (ISO)
Longikaurin A  (ISO)
lucanthone  (ISO)
luteolin  (ISO)
luteolin 7-O-beta-D-glucoside  (ISO)
LY294002  (ISO)
lycopene  (ISO)
malachite green cation  (EXP)
mangiferin  (ISO)
mechlorethamine  (ISO)
MeIQx  (ISO)
melatonin  (ISO)
mercury dichloride  (EXP)
metformin  (ISO)
methamphetamine  (EXP)
methapyrilene  (EXP)
methotrexate  (ISO)
methyl salicylate  (ISO)
methylmercury chloride  (ISO)
methylparaben  (ISO)
methylseleninic acid  (ISO)
mevalonic acid  (EXP)
microcystin-LR  (ISO)
mifepristone  (ISO)
mitomycin C  (ISO)
ML-7  (EXP)
mocetinostat  (ISO)
monocrotaline  (ISO)
morin  (ISO)
N-acetyl-L-cysteine  (ISO)
N-benzyloxycarbonyl-L-leucyl-L-leucyl-L-leucinal  (ISO)
N-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium  (EXP,ISO)
N-methyl-N-nitrosourea  (EXP,ISO)
N-nitrosodiethylamine  (EXP,ISO)
N-nitrosodimethylamine  (EXP)
N-Nitrosopyrrolidine  (ISO)
naphthalene  (EXP,ISO)
nickel atom  (ISO)
nickel subsulfide  (EXP)
nicotine  (ISO)
nimesulide  (EXP)
nitroprusside  (ISO)
nocodazole  (ISO)
nonanoic acid  (ISO)
O-methyleugenol  (EXP)
ochratoxin A  (EXP,ISO)
okadaic acid  (ISO)
olomoucine  (ISO)
omacetaxine mepesuccinate  (ISO)
orlistat  (ISO)
osthole  (ISO)
oxaliplatin  (EXP,ISO)
ozone  (ISO)
paclitaxel  (ISO)
palbociclib  (ISO)
Panduratin A  (ISO)
paracetamol  (EXP,ISO)
paraquat  (ISO)
parathion  (ISO)
PCB138  (ISO)
Pentoxifylline  (ISO)
perfluorodecanoic acid  (ISO)
perfluorononanoic acid  (ISO)
perfluorooctane-1-sulfonic acid  (ISO)
perfluorooctanoic acid  (ISO)
PF-00477736  (ISO)
phenethyl caffeate  (ISO)
phenethyl isothiocyanate  (EXP)
phenformin  (EXP)
phenobarbital  (EXP,ISO)
phenytoin  (ISO)
phorbol 13-acetate 12-myristate  (ISO)
phthalaldehyde  (ISO)
phytoestrogen  (ISO)
phytosphingosine  (ISO)
picoxystrobin  (ISO)
picropodophyllotoxin  (ISO)
piperine  (ISO)
piperonyl butoxide  (EXP)
Pirarubicin  (ISO)
pirinixic acid  (EXP,ISO)
piroxicam  (ISO)
poly(propylene imine) macromolecule  (ISO)
potassium bromate  (ISO)
potassium dichromate  (EXP)
pregnenolone 16alpha-carbonitrile  (ISO)
procyanidin  (ISO)
progesterone  (EXP,ISO)
propanal  (ISO)
propiconazole  (ISO)
propofol  (ISO)
pyrimidifen  (ISO)
quercetin  (EXP,ISO)
quinolines  (ISO)
raloxifene  (ISO)
reactive oxygen species  (ISO)
resveratrol  (EXP,ISO)
riddelliine  (ISO)
rotenone  (EXP,ISO)
saccharin  (ISO)
SB 203580  (ISO)
selenium atom  (ISO)
seliciclib  (EXP)
silibinin  (ISO)
silicon dioxide  (ISO)
silver atom  (ISO)
silver(0)  (ISO)
silver(1+) nitrate  (ISO)
simvastatin  (EXP,ISO)
sirolimus  (EXP,ISO)
sodium arsenite  (EXP,ISO)
sodium chromate  (ISO)
sodium dichromate  (EXP,ISO)
Soman  (EXP)
sorafenib  (ISO)
SR 144528  (ISO)
sterigmatocystin  (EXP,ISO)
sulfadimethoxine  (EXP)
sulforaphane  (ISO)
sulindac  (ISO)
sunitinib  (ISO)
tamoxifen  (EXP,ISO)
tanespimycin  (ISO)
tebufenpyrad  (ISO)
temozolomide  (ISO)
terameprocol  (ISO)
tert-butyl hydroperoxide  (ISO)
testosterone  (ISO)
testosterone enanthate  (ISO)
tetrachloromethane  (EXP,ISO)
thalidomide  (ISO)
thapsigargin  (ISO)
thifluzamide  (ISO)
thimerosal  (ISO)
thioacetamide  (EXP)
titanium dioxide  (EXP,ISO)
tocopherol  (ISO)
toluene 2,4-diisocyanate  (ISO)
Tomentosin  (ISO)
topotecan  (EXP)
trabectedin  (EXP)
triazoles  (ISO)
Tributyltin oxide  (EXP)
trichloroethene  (EXP,ISO)
trichostatin A  (ISO)
trimellitic anhydride  (ISO)
Triptolide  (EXP,ISO)
triptonide  (ISO)
troglitazone  (ISO)
tropan-3alpha-yl 3-hydroxy-2-phenylpropanoate  (ISO)
trovafloxacin  (EXP,ISO)
tungsten  (ISO)
tunicamycin  (ISO)
tyrphostin AG 1478  (ISO)
urethane  (ISO)
vincaleukoblastine  (ISO)
vincristine  (ISO)
vorinostat  (ISO)
wortmannin  (ISO)
Xanthatin  (ISO)
xanthohumol  (ISO)
zaragozic acid A  (EXP,ISO)
zearalenone  (ISO)
zidovudine  (ISO)
zinc atom  (ISO)
zinc(0)  (ISO)
zoledronic acid  (ISO)

Gene Ontology Annotations     Click to see Annotation Detail View

Biological Process
animal organ regeneration  (IMP)
apoptotic process  (IEA)
cell division  (IEA)
cellular response to hydrogen peroxide  (IEP)
cellular response to organic cyclic compound  (IDA)
chromatin remodeling  (IEA)
chromosome condensation  (IMP)
epithelial cell differentiation  (ISO)
fibroblast proliferation  (ISO)
G2/M transition of mitotic cell cycle  (IBA,ISO,ISS)
Golgi disassembly  (IDA)
meiotic cell cycle process involved in oocyte maturation  (ISO)
meiotic spindle organization  (ISO)
microtubule cytoskeleton organization involved in mitosis  (ISO)
mitotic cell cycle phase transition  (ISO)
mitotic G2 DNA damage checkpoint signaling  (IBA,ISO)
mitotic nuclear membrane disassembly  (IEA,ISO)
negative regulation of apoptotic process  (ISO)
negative regulation of gene expression  (IMP)
positive regulation of cardiac muscle cell proliferation  (IMP)
positive regulation of DNA replication  (IMP)
positive regulation of G2/M transition of mitotic cell cycle  (ISO)
positive regulation of gene expression  (IMP)
positive regulation of meiotic cell cycle process involved in oocyte maturation  (ISO)
positive regulation of mitochondrial ATP synthesis coupled electron transport  (ISO)
positive regulation of mitotic cell cycle  (IMP)
positive regulation of mitotic sister chromatid segregation  (ISO)
positive regulation of protein import into nucleus  (IMP)
positive regulation of protein localization to nucleus  (ISO)
protein localization to kinetochore  (ISO)
protein-containing complex assembly  (IDA)
regulation of circadian rhythm  (ISO,ISS)
regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II  (IEA)
response to activity  (IEP)
response to amine  (IEP)
response to axon injury  (IEP)
response to cadmium ion  (IEP)
response to copper ion  (IEP)
response to ethanol  (IDA)
response to hydrogen peroxide  (IEP)
response to organic cyclic compound  (IEP)
response to organonitrogen compound  (IDA)
response to toxic substance  (IEP)
response to xenobiotic stimulus  (IEP)
rhythmic process  (IEA)
ventricular cardiac muscle cell development  (IEP)

Cellular Component


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37. Plant-derived MINA-05 inhibits human prostate cancer proliferation in vitro and lymph node spread in vivo. Vandyke K, etal., Neoplasia. 2007 Apr;9(4):322-31.
38. Cellular distributions of molecules with altered expression specific to thyroid proliferative lesions developing in a rat thyroid carcinogenesis model. Woo GH, etal., Cancer Sci. 2009 Apr;100(4):617-25. Epub 2009 Feb 25.
39. Cadmium induces cell cycle arrest in rat kidney epithelial cells in G2/M phase. Xie J and Shaikh ZA, Toxicology. 2006 Jul 5;224(1-2):56-65. Epub 2006 Apr 27.
40. Activation of FOXO1 by Cdk1 in cycling cells and postmitotic neurons. Yuan Z, etal., Science. 2008 Mar 21;319(5870):1665-8.
41. Changes in gene expression induced by chemoradiation in advanced cervical carcinoma: a microarray study of RTOG C-0128. Zempolich K, etal., Gynecol Oncol. 2008 May;109(2):275-9. Epub 2008 Mar 4.
Additional References at PubMed
PMID:1312467   PMID:2541912   PMID:7739547   PMID:7864897   PMID:9247342   PMID:9344597   PMID:9438384   PMID:11069302   PMID:11298763   PMID:12124778   PMID:12477932   PMID:12721286  
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PMID:27030108   PMID:27238018   PMID:32841050   PMID:34839004  


Comparative Map Data
(Rattus norvegicus - Norway rat)
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
mRatBN7.22019,266,226 - 19,281,417 (+)NCBImRatBN7.2mRatBN7.2
mRatBN7.2 Ensembl2019,266,248 - 19,281,408 (+)EnsemblmRatBN7.2 Ensembl
UTH_Rnor_SHR_Utx2019,995,212 - 20,010,375 (+)NCBIRnor_SHRUTH_Rnor_SHR_Utx
UTH_Rnor_SHRSP_BbbUtx_1.02019,347,690 - 19,362,853 (+)NCBIRnor_SHRSPUTH_Rnor_SHRSP_BbbUtx_1.0
UTH_Rnor_WKY_Bbb_1.02019,822,895 - 19,838,058 (+)NCBIRnor_WKYUTH_Rnor_WKY_Bbb_1.0
Rnor_6.02020,576,341 - 20,591,510 (+)NCBIRnor6.0Rnor_6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_6.0 Ensembl2020,576,377 - 20,591,549 (+)EnsemblRnor6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_5.02022,694,883 - 22,709,860 (+)NCBIRnor5.0Rnor_5.0rn5Rnor5.0
RGSC_v3.42020,018,044 - 20,044,030 (+)NCBIRGSC3.4RGSC_v3.4rn4RGSC3.4
RGSC_v3.12020,031,843 - 20,057,830 (+)NCBI
Celera2020,642,946 - 20,658,475 (+)NCBICelera
RH 3.4 Map20252.37RGD
Cytogenetic Map20p11NCBI
(Homo sapiens - human)
Human AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
GRCh381060,778,331 - 60,794,852 (+)NCBIGRCh38GRCh38hg38GRCh38
GRCh38.p14 Ensembl1060,778,331 - 60,794,852 (+)EnsemblGRCh38hg38GRCh38
GRCh371062,538,089 - 62,554,610 (+)NCBIGRCh37GRCh37hg19GRCh37
Build 361062,205,690 - 62,223,930 (+)NCBINCBI36Build 36hg18NCBI36
Build 341062,209,916 - 62,223,930NCBI
Celera1055,803,740 - 55,820,255 (+)NCBICelera
Cytogenetic Map10q21.2NCBI
HuRef1056,527,463 - 56,544,301 (+)NCBIHuRef
CHM1_11062,820,315 - 62,836,829 (+)NCBICHM1_1
T2T-CHM13v2.01061,635,069 - 61,651,590 (+)NCBIT2T-CHM13v2.0
(Mus musculus - house mouse)
Mouse AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
GRCm391069,170,976 - 69,188,742 (-)NCBIGRCm39GRCm39mm39
GRCm39 Ensembl1069,170,976 - 69,188,768 (-)EnsemblGRCm39 Ensembl
GRCm381069,335,146 - 69,352,912 (-)NCBIGRCm38GRCm38mm10GRCm38
GRCm38.p6 Ensembl1069,335,146 - 69,352,938 (-)EnsemblGRCm38mm10GRCm38
MGSCv371068,799,383 - 68,815,660 (-)NCBIGRCm37MGSCv37mm9NCBIm37
MGSCv361068,731,992 - 68,748,269 (-)NCBIMGSCv36mm8
Celera1070,426,785 - 70,443,097 (-)NCBICelera
Cytogenetic Map10B5.3NCBI
cM Map1036.07NCBI
(Chinchilla lanigera - long-tailed chinchilla)
Chinchilla AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
ChiLan1.0 EnsemblNW_00495542514,210,680 - 14,226,474 (+)EnsemblChiLan1.0
ChiLan1.0NW_00495542514,210,681 - 14,226,474 (+)NCBIChiLan1.0ChiLan1.0
(Pan paniscus - bonobo/pygmy chimpanzee)
Bonobo AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
NHGRI_mPanPan11072,997,903 - 73,014,430 (+)NCBINHGRI_mPanPan1
Mhudiblu_PPA_v01057,314,692 - 57,331,261 (+)NCBIMhudiblu_PPA_v0Mhudiblu_PPA_v0panPan3
PanPan1.11059,647,993 - 59,664,434 (+)NCBIpanpan1.1PanPan1.1panPan2
PanPan1.1 Ensembl1059,647,993 - 59,664,434 (+)Ensemblpanpan1.1panPan2
(Canis lupus familiaris - dog)
Dog AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
CanFam3.1412,884,106 - 12,899,203 (+)NCBICanFam3.1CanFam3.1canFam3CanFam3.1
CanFam3.1 Ensembl412,883,385 - 12,899,197 (+)EnsemblCanFam3.1canFam3CanFam3.1
Dog10K_Boxer_Tasha413,089,613 - 13,104,900 (+)NCBIDog10K_Boxer_Tasha
ROS_Cfam_1.0413,149,444 - 13,169,783 (+)NCBIROS_Cfam_1.0
ROS_Cfam_1.0 Ensembl413,148,851 - 13,178,179 (+)EnsemblROS_Cfam_1.0 Ensembl
UMICH_Zoey_3.1413,127,253 - 13,147,585 (+)NCBIUMICH_Zoey_3.1
UNSW_CanFamBas_1.0413,245,048 - 13,265,394 (+)NCBIUNSW_CanFamBas_1.0
UU_Cfam_GSD_1.0413,555,896 - 13,576,243 (+)NCBIUU_Cfam_GSD_1.0
(Ictidomys tridecemlineatus - thirteen-lined ground squirrel)
Squirrel AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
HiC_Itri_2NW_02440721368,214,228 - 68,227,370 (-)NCBIHiC_Itri_2
SpeTri2.0 EnsemblNW_0049366142,300,513 - 2,313,624 (-)EnsemblSpeTri2.0SpeTri2.0 Ensembl
SpeTri2.0NW_0049366142,300,682 - 2,313,611 (-)NCBISpeTri2.0SpeTri2.0SpeTri2.0
(Sus scrofa - pig)
Pig AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
Sscrofa11.1 Ensembl1464,233,987 - 64,372,197 (+)EnsemblSscrofa11.1susScr11Sscrofa11.1
Sscrofa11.11464,233,945 - 64,255,290 (+)NCBISscrofa11.1Sscrofa11.1susScr11Sscrofa11.1
Sscrofa10.21469,262,279 - 69,277,262 (+)NCBISscrofa10.2Sscrofa10.2susScr3
(Chlorocebus sabaeus - green monkey)
Green Monkey AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
ChlSab1.1970,475,736 - 70,492,947 (-)NCBIChlSab1.1ChlSab1.1chlSab2
Vero_WHO_p1.0NW_02366604831,365,769 - 31,382,908 (-)NCBIVero_WHO_p1.0Vero_WHO_p1.0
(Heterocephalus glaber - naked mole-rat)
Naked Mole-Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
HetGla 1.0NW_0046247912,891,239 - 2,915,001 (-)NCBIHetGla_female_1.0HetGla 1.0hetGla2


Variants in Cdk1
52 total Variants
miRNA Target Status

Predicted Target Of
Summary Value
Count of predictions:151
Count of miRNA genes:109
Interacting mature miRNAs:126
Prediction methods:Microtar, Miranda, Rnahybrid, Targetscan
Result types:miRGate_prediction

The detailed report is available here: Full Report CSV TAB Printer

miRNA Target Status data imported from miRGate (
For more information about miRGate, see PMID:25858286 or access the full paper here.

QTLs in Region (mRatBN7.2)
The following QTLs overlap with this region.    Full Report CSV TAB Printer Gviewer
RGD IDSymbolNameLODP ValueTraitSub TraitChrStartStopSpecies
1354642Despr15Despair related QTL 150.0027locomotor behavior trait (VT:0001392)amount of experiment time spent in a discrete space in an experimental apparatus (CMO:0000958)20124159021Rat
1600382Edcs3Endometrial carcinoma susceptibility QTL33.50.003uterus morphology trait (VT:0001120)percentage of study population developing endometrioid carcinoma during a period of time (CMO:0001759)20125159026Rat
2317851Alcrsp22Alcohol response QTL 223.20.05response to alcohol trait (VT:0010489)duration of loss of righting reflex (CMO:0002289)20127339237Rat
1641893Alcrsp7Alcohol response QTL 7response to alcohol trait (VT:0010489)duration of loss of righting reflex (CMO:0002289)20127339237Rat
8694189Bw153Body weight QTL 1533.130.001body mass (VT:0001259)body weight gain (CMO:0000420)20129191651Rat
9590275Scort15Serum corticosterone level QTL 153.480.001blood corticosterone amount (VT:0005345)plasma corticosterone level (CMO:0001173)20129191651Rat
7411650Foco23Food consumption QTL 2320.70.001eating behavior trait (VT:0001431)feed conversion ratio (CMO:0001312)20129191651Rat
9590109Sffal8Serum free fatty acids level QTL 85.320.01blood free fatty acid amount (VT:0001553)plasma free fatty acids level (CMO:0000546)20129191651Rat
9589155Insul32Insulin level QTL 326.380.001blood insulin amount (VT:0001560)plasma insulin level (CMO:0000342)20129191651Rat
6893685Bw111Body weight QTL 1112.70.004body mass (VT:0001259)body weight (CMO:0000012)20132578807Rat
7411668Foco32Food consumption QTL 3280.001eating behavior trait (VT:0001431)feed conversion ratio (CMO:0001312)20136600972Rat
9590252Scort12Serum corticosterone level QTL 1220.460.001blood corticosterone amount (VT:0005345)plasma corticosterone level (CMO:0001173)20136600972Rat
2305926Iddm37Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus QTL 376blood glucose amount (VT:0000188)plasma glucose level (CMO:0000042)20152784246527842Rat
1641915Colcr9Colorectal carcinoma resistance QTL 92.970.0024intestine integrity trait (VT:0010554)benign colorectal tumor number (CMO:0001795)20153065546530655Rat
1598816Memor12Memory QTL 122.4exploratory behavior trait (VT:0010471)average horizontal distance between subject and target during voluntary locomotion in an experimental apparatus (CMO:0002674)20260683647606836Rat
2317057Aia27Adjuvant induced arthritis QTL 272.83joint integrity trait (VT:0010548)right rear ankle joint diameter (CMO:0002150)20289259726381954Rat
4889870Pur30Proteinuria QTL 30190.005urine total protein amount (VT:0000032)urine total protein excretion rate (CMO:0000756)20804241029322208Rat
7411652Foco24Food consumption QTL 240.001eating behavior trait (VT:0001431)feed conversion ratio (CMO:0001312)201175751554435887Rat
9590092Insglur9Insulin/glucose ratio QTL 918.380.001blood insulin amount (VT:0001560)calculated plasma insulin level (CMO:0002170)201175751554435887Rat
4889610Pancm3Pancreatic morphology QTL 33.750.001pancreas mass (VT:0010144)pancreas wet weight (CMO:0000626)201761783247606836Rat
2317880Alcrsp25Alcohol response QTL 252.3response to alcohol trait (VT:0010489)duration of loss of righting reflex (CMO:0002289)201769755054435887Rat
2303626Vencon10Ventilatory control QTL 100.001respiration trait (VT:0001943)respiration rate (CMO:0000289)201919072154435887Rat

Markers in Region
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceJBrowse
mRatBN7.22019,281,247 - 19,281,347 (+)MAPPERmRatBN7.2
Rnor_6.02020,591,343 - 20,591,442NCBIRnor6.0
Rnor_5.02022,709,693 - 22,709,792UniSTSRnor5.0
RGSC_v3.42020,043,864 - 20,043,963UniSTSRGSC3.4
Celera2020,658,309 - 20,658,408UniSTS
RH 3.4 Map20252.37UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map20p11UniSTS


RNA-SEQ Expression
High: > 1000 TPM value   Medium: Between 11 and 1000 TPM
Low: Between 0.5 and 10 TPM   Below Cutoff: < 0.5 TPM

alimentary part of gastrointestinal system circulatory system endocrine system exocrine system hemolymphoid system hepatobiliary system integumental system musculoskeletal system nervous system renal system reproductive system respiratory system appendage
Medium 3 29 37 27 19 27 1 1 55 24 39 5 1
Low 14 19 13 13 5 8 18 11 2 6 5
Below cutoff 1 1 1 2 2 1 2


RefSeq Acc Id: ENSRNOT00000000783   ⟹   ENSRNOP00000000783
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
Rnor_6.0 Ensembl2020,576,377 - 20,591,509 (+)Ensembl
RefSeq Acc Id: ENSRNOT00000081113   ⟹   ENSRNOP00000070138
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
Rnor_6.0 Ensembl2020,577,561 - 20,591,549 (+)Ensembl
RefSeq Acc Id: ENSRNOT00000086806   ⟹   ENSRNOP00000072365
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
mRatBN7.2 Ensembl2019,266,248 - 19,281,408 (+)Ensembl
Rnor_6.0 Ensembl2020,576,385 - 20,591,487 (+)Ensembl
RefSeq Acc Id: NM_019296   ⟹   NP_062169
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
mRatBN7.22019,266,252 - 19,281,414 (+)NCBI
Rnor_6.02020,576,377 - 20,591,509 (+)NCBI
Rnor_5.02022,694,883 - 22,709,860 (+)NCBI
RGSC_v3.42020,018,044 - 20,044,030 (+)RGD
Celera2020,642,946 - 20,658,475 (+)RGD
RefSeq Acc Id: XM_006256353   ⟹   XP_006256415
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
mRatBN7.22019,266,226 - 19,281,417 (+)NCBI
Rnor_6.02020,576,341 - 20,591,510 (+)NCBI
Rnor_5.02022,694,883 - 22,709,860 (+)NCBI
RefSeq Acc Id: NP_062169   ⟸   NM_019296
- UniProtKB: Q5BJB4 (UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot),   P39951 (UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot),   A6JKT2 (UniProtKB/TrEMBL)
- Sequence:
RefSeq Acc Id: XP_006256415   ⟸   XM_006256353
- Peptide Label: isoform X1
- UniProtKB: Q5BJB4 (UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot),   P39951 (UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot),   A6JKT2 (UniProtKB/TrEMBL)
- Sequence:
RefSeq Acc Id: ENSRNOP00000000783   ⟸   ENSRNOT00000000783
RefSeq Acc Id: ENSRNOP00000070138   ⟸   ENSRNOT00000081113
RefSeq Acc Id: ENSRNOP00000072365   ⟸   ENSRNOT00000086806
Protein Domains
Protein kinase

Protein Structures
Name Modeler Protein Id AA Range Protein Structure
AF-P39951-F1-model_v2 AlphaFold P39951 1-297 view protein structure


eQTL   View at Phenogen
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Tissue/Strain Expression   View at Phenogen

RGD ID:13701557
Promoter ID:EPDNEW_R12081
Type:multiple initiation site
Description:cyclin-dependent kinase 1
SO ACC ID:SO:0000170
Source:EPDNEW (Eukaryotic Promoter Database,
Experiment Methods:Single-end sequencing.
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
Rnor_6.02020,576,376 - 20,576,436EPDNEW

Additional Information

Database Acc Id Source(s)
AGR Gene RGD:2319 AgrOrtholog
BioCyc Gene G2FUF-3959 BioCyc
Ensembl Genes ENSRNOG00000000632 Ensembl, ENTREZGENE, UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
  ENSRNOG00055021827 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
  ENSRNOG00060028733 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
  ENSRNOG00065027158 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
Ensembl Transcript ENSRNOT00000086806 ENTREZGENE
  ENSRNOT00000086806.2 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
  ENSRNOT00055037434 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
  ENSRNOT00060049974 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
  ENSRNOT00065046823 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
Gene3D-CATH Transferase(Phosphotransferase) domain 1 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
InterPro Kinase-like_dom_sf UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
  Prot_kinase_dom UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
  Protein_kinase_ATP_BS UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
  Ser/Thr_kinase_AS UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
KEGG Report rno:54237 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
Pfam Pkinase UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
PhenoGen Cdk1 PhenoGen
RatGTEx ENSRNOG00000000632 RatGTEx
  ENSRNOG00055021827 RatGTEx
  ENSRNOG00060028733 RatGTEx
  ENSRNOG00065027158 RatGTEx
SMART S_TKc UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
Superfamily-SCOP Protein kinase-like (PK-like) UniProtKB/TrEMBL, UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
TIGR TC217501
UniProt Secondary Q5BJB4 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

Nomenclature History
Date Current Symbol Current Name Previous Symbol Previous Name Description Reference Status
2010-07-02 Cdk1  cyclin-dependent kinase 1  Cdc2  cell division cycle 2, G1 to S and G2 to M  Nomenclature updated to reflect human and mouse nomenclature 1299863 APPROVED
2008-09-26 Cdc2  cell division cycle 2, G1 to S and G2 to M  Cdc2a  cell division cycle 2 homolog A (S. pombe)  Nomenclature updated to reflect human and mouse nomenclature 1299863 APPROVED
2002-11-06 Cdc2a  cell division cycle 2 homolog A (S. pombe)    Cell division cycle control protein 2  Name updated 625702 APPROVED
2002-06-10 Cdc2a  Cell division cycle control protein 2      Symbol and Name status set to approved 70586 APPROVED

RGD Curation Notes
Note Type Note Reference
gene_process involved in cell cycle 1298746