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Gene: Ccl5 (chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 5) Mus musculus
Symbol: Ccl5
Name: chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 5
RGD ID: 69127
Description: Exhibits CCR1 chemokine receptor binding activity. Involved in several processes, including negative regulation of macrophage apoptotic process; positive regulation of monocyte chemotaxis; and response to tumor necrosis factor. Localizes to cytoplasm and extracellular space. Is expressed in several structures, including central nervous system; gonad; hemolymphoid system; late tubule; and retina. Human ortholog(s) of this gene implicated in several diseases, including hepatitis B; hepatitis C; liver disease (multiple); pulmonary tuberculosis; and severe acute respiratory syndrome. Orthologous to human CCL5 (C-C motif chemokine ligand 5); PARTICIPATES IN syndecan signaling pathway; Chagas disease pathway; influenza A pathway; INTERACTS WITH (4-oxo-3-\{[5-(trifluoromethyl)-1,3-benzothiazol-2-yl]methyl\}-3,4-dihydrophthalazin-1-yl)acetic acid; 1-chloro-2,4-dinitrobenzene; 1-fluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene.
Type: protein-coding
RefSeq Status: VALIDATED
Also known as: C-C motif chemokine 5; MuRa; MuRantes; RA; RANTES; S; Scy; Scya5; SIS-delta; SISd; small inducible cytokine A5; small-inducible cytokine A5; T-cell-specific protein RANTES; TCP22; TCP228
RGD Orthologs
Green Monkey
Naked Mole-Rat
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Latest Assembly: GRCm38 - Mouse Genome Assembly GRCm38
Mouse AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
GRCm391183,416,604 - 83,421,344 (-)NCBIGRCm39mm39
GRCm39 Ensembl1183,416,604 - 83,421,344 (-)Ensembl
GRCm381183,525,778 - 83,530,518 (-)NCBIGRCm38GRCm38mm10GRCm38
GRCm38.p6 Ensembl1183,525,778 - 83,530,518 (-)EnsemblGRCm38mm10GRCm38
MGSCv371183,339,280 - 83,344,020 (-)NCBIGRCm37mm9NCBIm37
MGSCv361183,341,974 - 83,346,692 (-)NCBImm8
Celera1193,127,305 - 93,132,049 (-)NCBICelera
Cytogenetic Map11CNCBI
cM Map1150.66NCBI
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Disease Annotations     Click to see Annotation Detail View
acute kidney failure  (IEP)
Acute Liver Failure  (ISO)
alcoholic hepatitis  (ISO)
allergic conjunctivitis  (ISO)
allergic contact dermatitis  (IEP)
Alzheimer's disease  (ISO)
Animal Toxoplasmosis  (ISO)
anti-basement membrane glomerulonephritis  (ISO)
arteriosclerosis  (IEP,IMP,ISO)
asthma  (IEP,ISO)
atopic dermatitis  (ISO)
autoimmune hepatitis  (ISO)
Breast Neoplasms  (IDA)
bronchiolitis obliterans  (ISO)
bronchopneumonia  (ISO)
cardiac arrest  (ISO)
Chagas disease  (ISO)
Chronic Hepatitis B  (ISO)
Chronic Hepatitis C  (ISO)
chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy  (IEP)
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease  (ISO)
Cytomegalovirus Infections  (ISO)
diabetes mellitus  (ISO)
Diabetic Nephropathies  (ISO)
diabetic neuropathy  (ISO)
diabetic retinopathy  (ISO)
end stage renal disease  (ISO)
endometriosis  (ISO)
Endotoxemia  (ISO)
exercise-induced bronchoconstriction  (ISO)
Experimental Arthritis  (ISO)
Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis  (IEP,ISO)
Experimental Liver Cirrhosis  (IEP,IGI,IMP,ISO)
extrinsic allergic alveolitis  (IEP,ISO)
fatty liver disease  (IEP,ISO)
Fever  (ISO)
genital herpes  (IDA)
glomerulonephritis  (ISO)
glucose intolerance  (ISO)
hepatitis B  (IMP,ISO)
hepatitis C  (ISO)
hepatocellular carcinoma  (IMP,ISO)
Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome  (ISO)
Herpesviridae Infections  (IEP)
human immunodeficiency virus infectious disease  (ISO)
Human Influenza  (IEP,IMP)
Hyperalgesia  (ISO)
Hyperoxaluria  (ISO)
hypertension  (ISO)
Hypoventilation  (ISO)
Immediate Hypersensitivity  (ISO)
Inflammation  (IEP,ISO)
interstitial lung disease  (IEP)
invasive ductal carcinoma  (ISO)
kidney disease  (ISO)
liver cirrhosis  (IMP,ISO)
Liver Metastasis  (IMP)
Liver Reperfusion Injury  (IDA,IMP)
lung disease  (ISO)
malignant mesothelioma  (ISO)
Metabolic Syndrome  (ISO)
multiple sclerosis  (ISO)
Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia  (IEP)
myocardial infarction  (ISO)
Neoplasm Invasiveness  (ISO)
Neoplasm Metastasis  (IMP)
non-alcoholic fatty liver  (ISO)
non-alcoholic fatty liver disease  (ISO)
non-alcoholic steatohepatitis  (ISO)
obesity  (ISO)
obstructive sleep apnea  (ISO)
orchitis  (ISO)
Ovarian Neoplasms  (IMP)
Pain  (ISO)
pancreatic cancer  (IMP)
pancreatitis  (ISO)
Paramyxoviridae Infections  (ISO)
peptic esophagitis  (ISO)
pleurisy  (IEP)
Pneumococcal Pneumonia  (IMP)
posterior uveitis  (ISO)
pre-eclampsia  (ISO)
primary biliary cholangitis  (ISO)
Pseudomonas Infections  (IEP)
pulmonary fibrosis  (IEP,ISO)
pulmonary hypertension  (ISO)
pulmonary sarcoidosis  (ISO)
pulmonary tuberculosis  (ISO)
Reperfusion Injury  (IEP,ISO)
Respiration Disorders  (IEP)
respiratory syncytial virus infectious disease  (IEP)
sciatic neuropathy  (ISO)
scrapie  (IEP)
Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis  (ISO)
Sepsis  (ISO)
severe acute respiratory syndrome  (HEP,IEP,ISO)
Spinal Cord Injuries  (IEP)
Spontaneous Abortions  (ISO)
Tissue Adhesions  (ISO)
type 1 diabetes mellitus  (ISO)
type 2 diabetes mellitus  (ISO)
uveitis  (ISO)
Viral Bronchiolitis  (ISO)
visual epilepsy  (ISO)

Gene-Chemical Interaction Annotations     Click to see Annotation Detail View
(-)-anisomycin  (ISO)
(-)-demecolcine  (ISO)
(4-oxo-3-\{[5-(trifluoromethyl)-1,3-benzothiazol-2-yl]methyl\}-3,4-dihydrophthalazin-1-yl)acetic acid  (EXP)
(R)-noradrenaline  (ISO)
(S)-nicotine  (ISO)
1,4-benzoquinone  (ISO)
1,4-phenylenediamine  (ISO)
1-chloro-2,4-dinitrobenzene  (EXP,ISO)
1-fluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene  (EXP)
1-naphthyl isothiocyanate  (ISO)
1-nitropyrene  (ISO)
14-Deoxy-11,12-didehydroandrographolide  (ISO)
15-deoxy-Delta(12,14)-prostaglandin J2  (ISO)
17alpha-ethynylestradiol  (EXP,ISO)
17beta-estradiol  (EXP,ISO)
17beta-estradiol 3-benzoate  (ISO)
2,2',4,4'-Tetrabromodiphenyl ether  (EXP)
2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzodioxine  (EXP,ISO)
2,6-di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenol  (EXP)
2-amino-2-deoxy-D-galactopyranose  (EXP)
2-amino-2-deoxy-D-glucopyranose  (ISO)
2-butan-2-yl-4-[4-[4-[4-[[2-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-2-(1,2,4-triazol-1-ylmethyl)-1,3-dioxolan-4-yl]methoxy]phenyl]-1-piperazinyl]phenyl]-1,2,4-triazol-3-one  (ISO)
2-naphthylamine  (ISO)
2-tert-butylhydroquinone  (ISO)
3,3',5-triiodo-L-thyronine  (ISO)
3,7-dihydropurine-6-thione  (ISO)
3-chloropropane-1,2-diol  (ISO)
3-isobutyl-1-methyl-7H-xanthine  (EXP)
3-methylcholanthrene  (EXP)
3-phenylprop-2-enal  (EXP,ISO)
3H-1,2-dithiole-3-thione  (ISO)
4,4'-diaminodiphenylmethane  (ISO)
4-(ethoxymethylene)-2-phenyloxazol-5-one  (EXP)
4-hydroxynon-2-enal  (EXP)
4-nitroquinoline N-oxide  (EXP)
7,12-dimethyltetraphene  (ISO)
7-ketocholesterol  (ISO)
8-Br-cAMP  (EXP)
8-chloro-2'-deoxyguanosine  (EXP)
9,10-anthraquinone  (ISO)
9-hydroxycanthin-6-one  (ISO)
acetamide  (ISO)
acrolein  (EXP)
albuterol  (ISO)
aldehydo-D-glucosamine  (ISO)
aldehydo-D-glucose  (EXP,ISO)
alexidine  (ISO)
all-trans-retinoic acid  (ISO)
aluminium hydroxide  (ISO)
ammonium chloride  (ISO)
amorolfine  (ISO)
anthra[1,9-cd]pyrazol-6(2H)-one  (EXP)
antimycin A  (ISO)
antirheumatic drug  (ISO)
apocynin  (EXP,ISO)
arecoline  (ISO)
aripiprazole  (ISO)
aristolochic acid  (ISO)
Aroclor 1254  (EXP)
arsane  (ISO)
arsenic atom  (ISO)
arsenite(3-)  (ISO)
asbestos  (ISO)
atropine  (EXP)
beclomethasone  (ISO)
benazepril  (ISO)
benzalkonium chloride  (EXP)
benzene  (ISO)
benzene-1,2,4-triol  (ISO)
benzethonium chloride  (ISO)
benzo[a]pyrene  (EXP,ISO)
benzo[b]fluoranthene  (EXP)
Benzo[k]fluoranthene  (EXP)
beryllium sulfate  (ISO)
beta-D-glucosamine  (ISO)
beta-Funaltrexamine  (ISO)
beta-naphthoflavone  (ISO)
bezafibrate  (ISO)
bis(2-chloroethyl) sulfide  (ISO)
bisphenol A  (EXP,ISO)
budesonide  (ISO)
butanal  (ISO)
butenafine  (ISO)
cadmium atom  (EXP)
cadmium dichloride  (EXP,ISO)
Calcimycin  (ISO)
calcium atom  (ISO)
calcium(0)  (ISO)
camptothecin  (ISO)
carbon nanotube  (EXP,ISO)
carrageenan  (EXP,ISO)
catechol  (ISO)
celecoxib  (EXP)
cephaeline  (ISO)
cerium trichloride  (ISO)
chenodeoxycholic acid  (EXP,ISO)
chlorohydrocarbon  (ISO)
chloroprene  (EXP)
chloroquine  (EXP)
choline  (EXP)
chromium(6+)  (EXP)
chrysene  (EXP)
ciglitazone  (EXP)
cisplatin  (EXP,ISO)
clopidogrel  (ISO)
cobalt atom  (EXP)
codeine  (ISO)
colforsin daropate hydrochloride  (EXP)
copper atom  (EXP,ISO)
copper(0)  (EXP,ISO)
crocidolite asbestos  (EXP,ISO)
cycloheximide  (ISO)
cyclosporin A  (EXP,ISO)
cyfluthrin  (ISO)
cytidine  (EXP)
D-glucose  (EXP,ISO)
D-penicillamine  (ISO)
dantrolene  (ISO)
decabromodiphenyl ether  (EXP)
Deguelin  (ISO)
deoxycholic acid  (EXP)
deoxynivalenol  (EXP,ISO)
dequalinium  (ISO)
desipramine  (ISO)
dexamethasone  (EXP,ISO)
dichlorine  (EXP)
dichloromethane  (ISO)
diethylstilbestrol  (EXP)
diflorasone  (EXP)
digitoxigenin  (ISO)
digoxin  (ISO)
dimethyl sulfoxide  (ISO)
dimethyl-(phenylmethyl)-[2-[2-[4-(2,4,4-trimethylpentan-2-yl)phenoxy]ethoxy]ethyl]ammonium  (ISO)
dinitrogen  (ISO)
dioxygen  (EXP,ISO)
disulfiram  (EXP,ISO)
doxorubicin  (ISO)
emetine  (ISO)
endosulfan  (ISO)
enilconazole  (ISO)
Erionite  (EXP)
ethambutol  (ISO)
ethanol  (ISO)
ethionamide  (ISO)
ethyl acetate  (ISO)
Ethyl icosapentate  (EXP)
ethylbenzene  (ISO)
ethylene glycol  (ISO)
ethylene glycol bis(2-aminoethyl)tetraacetic acid  (ISO)
fenofibrate  (ISO)
Fexofenadine hydrochloride  (ISO)
flavonoids  (ISO)
flunisolide  (ISO)
fluoxetine  (ISO)
flutamide  (ISO)
fluticasone  (ISO)
folic acid  (EXP,ISO)
formaldehyde  (EXP,ISO)
formoterol fumarate  (ISO)
fragrance  (ISO)
fucoidan  (ISO)
fulvestrant  (ISO)
fumonisin B1  (ISO)
gemfibrozil  (ISO)
gentamycin  (ISO)
glucose  (EXP,ISO)
glutathione  (ISO)
glycine betaine  (ISO)
gold atom  (EXP)
gold(0)  (EXP)
graphene oxide  (EXP)
GW 1929  (ISO)
helenalin  (ISO)
heparan sulfate  (ISO)
hesperetin  (ISO)
homocysteine  (ISO)
hyaluronic acid  (EXP)
hydrazines  (EXP)
hydrogen peroxide  (ISO)
hydroquinone  (ISO)
hydroxytyrosol  (ISO)
indometacin  (ISO)
ionomycin  (ISO)
iron atom  (ISO)
iron(0)  (ISO)
isotretinoin  (ISO)
itraconazole  (ISO)
kaempferol  (ISO)
ketamine  (EXP)
ketoconazole  (ISO)
lanatoside C  (ISO)
lead diacetate  (EXP)
lead(0)  (EXP)
lead(2+)  (EXP)
lead(II) chloride  (ISO)
leukotriene B4  (ISO)
lipopolysaccharide  (EXP,ISO)
losartan  (ISO)
Luliconazole  (ISO)
LY294002  (EXP)
manganese(II) chloride  (ISO)
mangiferin  (EXP)
maraviroc  (ISO)
masoprocol  (ISO)
mechlorethamine  (ISO)
meclocycline  (ISO)
melatonin  (EXP,ISO)
menadione  (ISO)
mercaptopurine  (ISO)
mercury dichloride  (ISO)
metam  (EXP)
methamphetamine  (ISO)
methapyrilene  (ISO)
methionine sulfoximine  (ISO)
methotrexate  (ISO)
methylisothiazolinone  (ISO)
methylmercury chloride  (EXP,ISO)
minocycline  (ISO)
monocrotaline  (ISO)
monodansylcadaverine  (EXP)
morphine  (ISO)
mycophenolic acid  (ISO)
N-acetyl-L-cysteine  (EXP,ISO)
N-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium  (ISO)
N-methyl-N-nitrosourea  (EXP)
N-nitrosodiethylamine  (ISO)
N-nitrosodimethylamine  (ISO)
naloxone  (ISO)
naringin  (ISO)
neocuproine  (EXP)
neoechinulin A  (EXP)
nickel atom  (EXP,ISO)
nickel dichloride  (ISO)
nickel sulfate  (ISO)
niclosamide  (EXP)
nicotine  (ISO)
nitric oxide  (EXP,ISO)
nitrogen dioxide  (ISO)
o-anisidine  (ISO)
oxaliplatin  (ISO)
oxytetracycline  (ISO)
ozone  (EXP,ISO)
palmatine  (ISO)
paracetamol  (EXP,ISO)
parthenolide  (EXP)
PCB138  (ISO)
PD123319  (ISO)
pentanal  (ISO)
Pentoxifylline  (ISO)
perfluorooctane-1-sulfonic acid  (ISO)
permethrin  (ISO)
pevonedistat  (ISO)
phenethyl caffeate  (ISO)
phenobarbital  (ISO)
phloretin  (ISO)
phorbol 13-acetate 12-myristate  (EXP,ISO)
phytoestrogen  (EXP)
pioglitazone  (EXP,ISO)
pirinixic acid  (EXP,ISO)
platycodin D  (ISO)
poly(I:C)  (EXP,ISO)
polymyxin B2  (EXP,ISO)
prazosin  (ISO)
procyanidin B3  (EXP)
progesterone  (ISO)
propanal  (ISO)
propidium  (ISO)
Proscillaridin  (ISO)
prostaglandin E2  (EXP,ISO)
purine-6-thiol  (ISO)
pyocyanine  (EXP)
pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate  (EXP)
quartz  (ISO)
quercetin  (EXP,ISO)
quercetin 3-O-beta-D-glucofuranoside  (ISO)
quercetin 3-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside  (ISO)
raloxifene  (ISO)
reactive oxygen species  (EXP,ISO)
resveratrol  (EXP,ISO)
rifampicin  (ISO)
rofecoxib  (EXP)
rutin  (ISO)
S-butyl-DL-homocysteine (S,R)-sulfoximine  (ISO)
S-nitrosoglutathione  (ISO)
salubrinal  (EXP)
SB 203580  (ISO)
serpentine asbestos  (EXP)
silicon dioxide  (EXP,ISO)
silver atom  (EXP)
silver(0)  (EXP)
simvastatin  (ISO)
sodium arsenite  (ISO)
sodium chloride  (ISO)
sodium cholate  (EXP)
sodium dichromate  (EXP,ISO)
sodium dodecyl sulfate  (ISO)
Soman  (EXP)
streptozocin  (EXP)
succimer  (EXP,ISO)
sulforaphane  (EXP)
sulindac  (ISO)
sunitinib  (EXP)
tacrine  (ISO)
tacrolimus hydrate  (EXP,ISO)
tamibarotene  (EXP,ISO)
taurocholic acid  (EXP)
telmisartan  (ISO)
terbinafine  (ISO)
tert-butyl hydroperoxide  (EXP)
testosterone  (EXP,ISO)
tetrachloromethane  (EXP,ISO)
tetraphene  (EXP)
thioacetamide  (ISO)
titanium dioxide  (EXP,ISO)
tofacitinib  (ISO)
toluene 2,4-diisocyanate  (EXP,ISO)
topotecan  (ISO)
trametinib  (EXP)
tremolite asbestos  (EXP)
triamcinolone acetonide  (ISO)
Tributyltin oxide  (EXP)
trichloroethene  (EXP,ISO)
troglitazone  (ISO)
tropan-3alpha-yl 3-hydroxy-2-phenylpropanoate  (EXP)
urethane  (EXP)
ursodeoxycholic acid  (EXP,ISO)
vanadyl sulfate  (ISO)
verteporfin  (EXP)
vinclozolin  (ISO)
vincristine  (ISO)
vitamin E  (ISO)
wortmannin  (EXP)
WR-1065  (ISO)
zinc atom  (EXP)
zinc(0)  (EXP)

Gene Ontology Annotations     Click to see Annotation Detail View

Biological Process
activation of phospholipase D activity  (ISO)
aging  (ISO)
calcium ion transport  (ISO)
cell-cell signaling  (ISO)
cellular calcium ion homeostasis  (ISO)
cellular response to alkyl hydroperoxide  (ISO)
cellular response to amino acid stimulus  (ISO)
cellular response to cytokine stimulus  (ISO)
cellular response to ethanol  (ISO)
cellular response to fibroblast growth factor stimulus  (ISO)
cellular response to high density lipoprotein particle stimulus  (ISO)
cellular response to interferon-gamma  (IBA)
cellular response to interleukin-1  (IBA)
cellular response to lipid  (ISO)
cellular response to lipopolysaccharide  (ISO)
cellular response to morphine  (ISO)
cellular response to organic cyclic compound  (ISO)
cellular response to transforming growth factor beta stimulus  (ISO)
cellular response to tumor necrosis factor  (IBA,ISO)
cellular response to vitamin K  (ISO)
chemokine-mediated signaling pathway  (IBA,ISO)
chemotaxis  (IEA)
chronic inflammatory response  (ISO)
dibenzo-p-dioxin metabolic process  (ISO)
eosinophil chemotaxis  (ISO)
exocytosis  (ISO)
G protein-coupled receptor signaling pathway  (IBA,ISO)
immune response  (IEA)
inflammatory response  (IBA,IMP,ISO)
leukocyte cell-cell adhesion  (ISO)
lipopolysaccharide-mediated signaling pathway  (ISO)
lymphocyte chemotaxis  (IBA,ISO)
MAPK cascade  (ISO)
monocyte chemotaxis  (IBA)
negative regulation by host of viral transcription  (ISO)
negative regulation of cell death  (ISO)
negative regulation of G protein-coupled receptor signaling pathway  (ISO)
negative regulation of macrophage apoptotic process  (IMP)
negative regulation of neuron death  (ISO)
negative regulation of T cell apoptotic process  (ISO)
negative regulation of viral genome replication  (ISO)
neutrophil activation  (ISO)
neutrophil chemotaxis  (IBA)
positive regulation of angiogenesis  (ISO)
positive regulation of calcium ion transport  (ISO)
positive regulation of cell adhesion  (ISO)
positive regulation of cell migration  (ISO)
positive regulation of cell-cell adhesion mediated by integrin  (ISO)
positive regulation of cellular biosynthetic process  (ISO)
positive regulation of chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 2 production  (NAS)
positive regulation of defense response to virus by host  (IC)
positive regulation of epithelial cell proliferation  (IMP)
positive regulation of ERK1 and ERK2 cascade  (IBA)
positive regulation of fever generation  (ISO)
positive regulation of gene expression  (ISO)
positive regulation of GTPase activity  (IBA)
positive regulation of homotypic cell-cell adhesion  (ISO)
positive regulation of macrophage chemotaxis  (ISO)
positive regulation of mast cell chemotaxis  (ISO)
positive regulation of monocyte chemotaxis  (IDA,ISO)
positive regulation of natural killer cell chemotaxis  (ISO)
positive regulation of neuron differentiation  (ISO)
positive regulation of osteoclast differentiation  (ISO)
positive regulation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase signaling  (ISO)
positive regulation of phosphorylation  (ISO)
positive regulation of smooth muscle cell migration  (ISO)
positive regulation of smooth muscle cell proliferation  (ISO)
positive regulation of T cell apoptotic process  (ISO)
positive regulation of T cell chemotaxis  (IBA,ISO)
positive regulation of T cell migration  (ISO)
positive regulation of T cell proliferation  (ISO)
positive regulation of tyrosine phosphorylation of STAT protein  (ISO)
protein kinase B signaling  (ISO)
pseudopodium assembly  (ISO)
regulation of insulin secretion  (ISO)
regulation of neuron death  (ISO)
regulation of T cell activation  (ISO)
response to activity  (ISO)
response to alcohol  (ISO)
response to bacterium  (ISO)
response to cholesterol  (ISO)
response to cytokine  (IDA,ISO)
response to drug  (ISO)
response to estrogen  (ISO)
response to glucocorticoid  (ISO)
response to insulin  (ISO)
response to interferon-gamma  (ISO)
response to lipopolysaccharide  (ISO)
response to nutrient levels  (ISO)
response to organic cyclic compound  (ISO)
response to salt stress  (ISO)
response to toxic substance  (ISO)
response to tumor necrosis factor  (IDA)
response to virus  (ISO)
T-helper 1 cell diapedesis  (ISO)

Cellular Component


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Comparative Map Data
(Mus musculus - house mouse)
Mouse AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
GRCm391183,416,604 - 83,421,344 (-)NCBIGRCm39mm39
GRCm39 Ensembl1183,416,604 - 83,421,344 (-)Ensembl
GRCm381183,525,778 - 83,530,518 (-)NCBIGRCm38GRCm38mm10GRCm38
GRCm38.p6 Ensembl1183,525,778 - 83,530,518 (-)EnsemblGRCm38mm10GRCm38
MGSCv371183,339,280 - 83,344,020 (-)NCBIGRCm37mm9NCBIm37
MGSCv361183,341,974 - 83,346,692 (-)NCBImm8
Celera1193,127,305 - 93,132,049 (-)NCBICelera
Cytogenetic Map11CNCBI
cM Map1150.66NCBI
(Homo sapiens - human)
Human AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
GRCh38.p13 Ensembl1735,871,491 - 35,880,793 (-)EnsemblGRCh38hg38GRCh38
GRCh381735,871,491 - 35,880,360 (-)NCBIGRCh38GRCh38hg38GRCh38
GRCh371734,198,495 - 34,207,364 (-)NCBIGRCh37GRCh37hg19GRCh37
Build 361731,222,608 - 31,231,490 (-)NCBINCBI36hg18NCBI36
Celera1731,108,052 - 31,116,934 (-)NCBI
Cytogenetic Map17q12NCBI
HuRef1730,383,508 - 30,392,390 (-)NCBIHuRef
CHM1_11734,263,060 - 34,271,942 (-)NCBICHM1_1
(Rattus norvegicus - Norway rat)
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
mRatBN7.21068,322,826 - 68,327,365 (-)NCBI
Rnor_6.0 Ensembl1070,739,800 - 70,744,315 (-)EnsemblRnor6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_6.01070,739,764 - 70,744,303 (-)NCBIRnor6.0Rnor_6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_5.01070,373,353 - 70,377,892 (-)NCBIRnor5.0Rnor_5.0rn5Rnor5.0
RGSC_v3.41071,605,791 - 71,610,330 (-)NCBIRGSC3.4rn4RGSC3.4
RGSC_v3.11071,620,206 - 71,624,712 (-)NCBI
Celera1067,264,203 - 67,268,742 (-)NCBICelera
Cytogenetic Map10q26NCBI
(Chinchilla lanigera - long-tailed chinchilla)
Chinchilla AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
ChiLan1.0 EnsemblNW_00495548110,293,399 - 10,301,143 (-)EnsemblChiLan1.0
ChiLan1.0NW_00495548110,293,758 - 10,301,118 (-)NCBIChiLan1.0ChiLan1.0
(Pan paniscus - bonobo/pygmy chimpanzee)
Bonobo AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
PanPan1.11721,210,798 - 21,219,172 (+)NCBIpanpan1.1PanPan1.1panPan2
PanPan1.1 Ensembl1721,210,798 - 21,219,172 (+)Ensemblpanpan1.1panPan2
Mhudiblu_PPA_v01720,915,198 - 20,923,530 (+)NCBIMhudiblu_PPA_v0panPan3
(Canis lupus familiaris - dog)
Dog AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
CanFam3.1937,817,409 - 37,823,852 (+)NCBICanFam3.1CanFam3.1canFam3CanFam3.1
CanFam3.1 Ensembl937,817,305 - 37,823,852 (+)EnsemblCanFam3.1canFam3CanFam3.1
Dog10K_Boxer_Tasha937,039,892 - 37,046,335 (+)NCBI
ROS_Cfam_1.0938,627,353 - 38,633,796 (+)NCBI
UMICH_Zoey_3.1937,410,157 - 37,416,605 (+)NCBI
UNSW_CanFamBas_1.0937,695,725 - 37,702,162 (+)NCBI
UU_Cfam_GSD_1.0937,783,127 - 37,789,578 (+)NCBI
(Ictidomys tridecemlineatus - thirteen-lined ground squirrel)
Squirrel AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
HiC_Itri_2NW_02440560236,815,103 - 36,821,857 (+)NCBI
SpeTri2.0NW_004936490253,279 - 259,947 (-)NCBISpeTri2.0SpeTri2.0SpeTri2.0
(Sus scrofa - pig)
Pig AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
Sscrofa11.1 Ensembl1239,648,598 - 39,659,118 (+)EnsemblSscrofa11.1susScr11Sscrofa11.1
Sscrofa11.11239,652,731 - 39,659,121 (+)NCBISscrofa11.1Sscrofa11.1susScr11Sscrofa11.1
Sscrofa10.21241,218,074 - 41,228,604 (+)NCBISscrofa10.2Sscrofa10.2susScr3
(Chlorocebus sabaeus - African green monkey)
Vervet AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
ChlSab1.11629,351,214 - 29,361,317 (-)NCBI
(Heterocephalus glaber - naked mole-rat)
Molerat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
HetGla 1.0NW_0046248753,334,136 - 3,342,085 (-)NCBI

Position Markers
Mouse AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceJBrowse
Cytogenetic Map11CUniSTS
cM Map1147.4UniSTS
cM Map1147.4UniSTS
Mouse AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceJBrowse
Cytogenetic Map11CUniSTS
Mouse AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceJBrowse
Cytogenetic Map11CUniSTS
cM Map1147.4UniSTS

QTLs in Region (GRCm38)
The following QTLs overlap with this region.    Full Report CSV TAB Printer Gviewer
RGD IDSymbolNameLODP ValueTraitSub TraitChrStartStopSpecies
13208559Wght10_mweight 10 (mouse)11400000089000000Mouse
13208558Lgth12_mbody length 12 (mouse)11400000095000000Mouse
1300905Scc6_mcolon tumor susceptibility 6 (mouse)Not determined11693027789128908Mouse
1357859Lvrq7_mliver weight QTL 7 (mouse)Not determined1112318637118131898Mouse
39128214Lwq20_mliver weight QTL 20 (mouse)1112318637118131898Mouse
4141894Nidd6k_mNidd6 on KK-A (mouse)Not determined1917420497007000Mouse
10412246Dfs2_mdental fluorosis suseptibility 2 (mouse)Not determined112185736495990405Mouse
13208569Bmiq10_mbody mass index QTL 10 (mouse)113600000085000000Mouse
1301328Mol4_mmodifier of LPS-response 4 (mouse)Not determined113639175083590530Mouse
4141367Inf1_macute ozone induced inflammation (mouse)Not determined44739211113167183Mouse
1357878Mastr_mmodifier of astrocytoma (mouse)Not determined114581775489927907Mouse
1301830Ssta4_msusceptibility to Salmonella typhimurium antigens 4 (mouse)Not determined115018736584187585Mouse
13524840Ppiq9a_mprepulse inhibition QTL 9a (mouse)115260355986603559Mouse
1300774Pgia7_mproteoglycan induced arthritis 7 (mouse)Not determined115349976287499911Mouse
4141830Pregq1_mpregnancy QTL 1 (mouse)Not determined115423592683842826Mouse
4142121Tmc1m2_mTmc1 modifier 2 (mouse)Not determined1156973201114267131Mouse
1300664Etohcta9_methanol conditioned taste aversion 9 (mouse)Not determined115786383491863932Mouse
1300924Ity2_mimmunity to S. typhimurium 2 (mouse)Not determined15861720487804412Mouse
4141982Skts-fp2_mskin tumor susceptibility in FVB and PWK 2 (mouse)Not determined5882844085175703Mouse
1301987Pid3_mprior incubation determinant 3 (mouse)Not determined116179599488808902Mouse
1301319Dautb4_mdopamine uptake transporter binding 4 (mouse)Not determined116226517996265327Mouse
27226730Tibmd1_mtibia midshaft diameter 1, 5 week (mouse)1162700000109500000Mouse
10044004Stzid3_mstreptozotocin induced diabetes susceptibility 3 (mouse)Not determined116342858194173092Mouse
11039501Ltpr6a_mLeishmania tropica response 6a (mouse)116493951098939647Mouse
11039502Ltpr6b_mLeishmania tropica response 6b (mouse)116493951098939647Mouse
11039515Ltpr6_mLeishmania tropica response 6 (mouse)116493951098939647Mouse
1301546Pcir2_mperiosteal circumference 2 (mouse)Not determined1166842594100842826Mouse
1357766Si5lq6_mserum IGFBP-5 level QTL 6 (mouse)Not determined1166842594100842826Mouse
4141012Femwf6_mfemur work to failure 6 (mouse)Not determined66842594100842826Mouse
1301833Tbbmd5_mtotal body bone mineral density 5 (mouse)Not determined1166842594100842826Mouse
1300784Prdt3_mprion disease incubation time 3 (mouse)Not determined1166842594100842826Mouse
1300628Lgth6_mbody length 6 (mouse)Not determined1166842594100842826Mouse
27226783Tibl5_mtibia length 5, 5 week (mouse)1168300000102000000Mouse
1300651Pcyts3_mplasmacytoma susceptibility 3 (mouse)Not determined1170800372104800540Mouse
1301681Sle13_msystematic lupus erythematosus susceptibility 13 (mouse)Not determined1170800372104800540Mouse
1558812Rafar_mretinoic acid induced forelimb autopod reduction (mouse)Not determined1170800372104800540Mouse
4141339Nilac2_mnicotine induced locomotor activity 2 (mouse)Not determined1170800372104800540Mouse
1301404Sbmd4_mspinal bone mineral density 4 (mouse)Not determined1172128823106128908Mouse
1301078Alcp2_malcohol preference locus 2 (mouse)Not determined117231897084840636Mouse
1301310Tmevd5_mTheiler's murine encephalomyelitis virus induced demyelinating disease susceptibility 5 (mouse)Not determined1172835299106835463Mouse
4142348Pstc2_mperiosteal circumference 2 (mouse)Not determined1172927789106927907Mouse
10043866Adip19_madiposity 19 (mouse)Not determined1172927789106927907Mouse
11038695Par8_mpulmonary adenoma resistance 8 (mouse)1177172953111173092Mouse
1301414Heal10_mwound healing/regeneration 10 (mouse)Not determined1177546357111546496Mouse
10045616Heal25_mwound healing/regeneration 25 (mouse)Not determined1177546357111546496Mouse
1302124Eae7_msusceptibility to experimental allergic encephalomyelitis 7 (mouse)Not determined117768304799486994Mouse
10413882Moe1_mmodifier of epilepsy 1 (mouse)1177880152111880273Mouse
1301640Lore4_mloss of righting induced by ethanol 4 (mouse)Not determined1179265183107725646Mouse
14746970Manh71_mmandible shape 71 (mouse)1179525431113525431Mouse
10043865T2dm5sa_mtype 2 diabetes mellitus 5 in SMXA RI mice (mouse)Not determined1179922933104611872Mouse
27226758Femd3_mfemur midshaft diameter 3, 5 week (mouse)1181000000102000000Mouse
1300649Crhq1_mcompensatory renal hypertrophy QTL 1 (mouse)Not determined1181683655115683810Mouse
1300766Skull16_mskull morphology 16 (mouse)Not determined1181683655115683810Mouse
10412288Carg4_mCandida albicans resistance gene 4 (mouse)Not determined1181919441115919441Mouse
1301072Eae22_mexperimental allergic encephalomyelitis 22 (mouse)Not determined1182486872116486994Mouse

miRNA Target Status

Predicted Target Of
Summary Value
Count of predictions:224
Count of miRNA genes:183
Interacting mature miRNAs:203
Transcripts:ENSMUST00000035938, ENSMUST00000125015
Prediction methods:Miranda, Rnahybrid, Targetscan
Result types:miRGate_prediction

The detailed report is available here: Full Report CSV TAB Printer

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Nucleotide Sequences
RefSeq Transcripts NM_013653 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
GenBank Nucleotide AB051897 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  AF065944 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  AF065945 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  AF065946 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  AF065947 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  AF128187 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  AK003101 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  AK158074 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  AL596122 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  AY722103 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  BC033508 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  BE333205 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  CH466556 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  CT010315 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  M77747 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  S37648 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  U02298 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles
  X70675 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles

Reference Sequences
RefSeq Acc Id: ENSMUST00000035938   ⟹   ENSMUSP00000039600
RefSeq Status:
Mouse AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
GRCm38.p6 Ensembl1183,525,778 - 83,530,518 (-)Ensembl
RefSeq Acc Id: ENSMUST00000125015
RefSeq Status:
Mouse AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
GRCm38.p6 Ensembl1183,528,728 - 83,530,513 (-)Ensembl
RefSeq Acc Id: NM_013653   ⟹   NP_038681
RefSeq Status: VALIDATED
Mouse AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
GRCm391183,416,604 - 83,421,344 (-)NCBI
GRCm381183,525,778 - 83,530,518 (-)ENTREZGENE
MGSCv371183,339,280 - 83,344,020 (-)RGD
Celera1193,127,305 - 93,132,049 (-)RGD
Reference Sequences
RefSeq Acc Id: NP_038681   ⟸   NM_013653
- Peptide Label: precursor
- UniProtKB: P30882 (UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot),   Q5XZF2 (UniProtKB/TrEMBL)
- Sequence:
RefSeq Acc Id: ENSMUSP00000039600   ⟸   ENSMUST00000035938
Protein Domains

RGD ID:6820571
Promoter ID:MM_KWN:8899
SO ACC ID:SO:0000170
Tissues & Cell Lines:BoneMarrow_2Hour,   BoneMarrow_4Hour
Transcripts:OTTMUST00000001951,   OTTMUST00000001952
Mouse AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
MGSCv361183,343,631 - 83,344,131 (-)MPROMDB
RGD ID:8675908
Promoter ID:EPDNEW_M15985
Type:initiation region
Description:Mus musculus chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 5 , mRNA.
SO ACC ID:SO:0000170
Source:EPDNEW (Eukaryotic Promoter Database,
Experiment Methods:Single-end sequencing.
Mouse AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
GRCm381183,530,518 - 83,530,578EPDNEW

Additional Information

Database Acc Id Source(s)
AGR Gene MGI:98262 AgrOrtholog
Ensembl Genes ENSMUSG00000035042 Ensembl, ENTREZGENE, UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
Ensembl Protein ENSMUSP00000039600 ENTREZGENE, UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
Ensembl Transcript ENSMUST00000035938 ENTREZGENE, UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
InterPro Chemokine_b/g/d UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
  Chemokine_CC_CS UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
  Chemokine_IL8-like_dom UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
  Interleukin_8-like_sf UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
KEGG Report mmu:20304 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
PANTHER PTHR12015 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
Pfam IL8 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
PhenoGen Ccl5 PhenoGen
SMART SCY UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL
Superfamily-SCOP SSF54117 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL