RGD Reference Report - Mouse/Human Nomenclature download from Entrez Gene - Rat Genome Database

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Mouse/Human Nomenclature download from Entrez Gene

Authors: RGD Entrez Gene, PIPELINE 
Citation: Nomenclature downloads from Entrez Gene via automated pipeline
RGD ID: 5135510

RGD downloads the current symbol and name for each mouse and human gene from Entrez Gene via the Mouse and Human Entrez Gene Pipelines. In cases where official nomenclature has been assigned by MGI for mouse genes or HGNC for human genes, this official nomenclature is downloaded. In the case of genes where the nomenclature has not yet been reviewed by the respective groups, it is "Interim" or "Provisional" nomenclature either assigned by Entrez Gene or by the research community. As approved nomenclature becomes available this provisional nomenclature is automatically replaced.