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tube development +     
anterior/posterior pattern specification involved in ureteric bud development +  
collecting duct development +   
common bile duct development +   
digestive tract development +   
embryonic heart tube development +   
epididymis development  
long descending thin limb bend development +  
mesenchymal cell proliferation involved in ureteric bud development  
mesonephric tubule development +   
metanephric part of ureteric bud development +   
metanephric tubule development +   
nephric duct development +   
neural tube development +   
otic vesicle development +   
oviduct development +   
paramesonephric duct development  
prebend segment development +  
proximal convoluted tubule segment 1 development +  
proximal convoluted tubule segment 2 development +   
renal tubule development +   
respiratory tube development +   
semicircular canal development +   
seminal vesicle epithelium development +   
seminiferous tubule development  
tube morphogenesis +   
ureter development +   
ureter part of ureteric bud development 
The development of the portion of the ureteric bud that contributes to the morphogenesis of the ureter. The ureter ureteric bud is the initial structure that forms the ureter.
ureteric bud morphogenesis +   
urethra epithelium development 

Definition Sources: GOC:mtg_kidney_jan10

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