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extracellular matrix constituent secretion (GO:0070278)
Annotations: Rat: (15) Mouse: (14) Human: (14) Chinchilla: (14) Bonobo: (14) Dog: (14) Squirrel: (13) Pig: (14)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
aspartate secretion +   
basement membrane organization +   
biofilm matrix organization +   
catecholamine secretion +   
cellulose microfibril organization 
collagen fibril organization +   
exocytosis +   
extracellular matrix assembly +   
extracellular matrix constituent secretion +   
The controlled release of molecules that form the extracellular matrix, including carbohydrates and glycoproteins by a cell.
extracellular matrix disassembly +   
extracellular matrix organization in marginal zone involved in cerebral cortex radial glia guided migration 
extracellular matrix organization involved in endocardium development 
gene expression involved in extracellular matrix organization  
glomerular basement membrane development +   
glutamate secretion +   
glutamine secretion  
glycine secretion +   
negative regulation of extracellular matrix organization +   
negative regulation of secretion by cell +   
octopamine secretion +  
positive regulation of extracellular matrix organization +   
positive regulation of secretion by cell +   
primary amine secretion +  
protein secretion +   
regulation of extracellular matrix organization +   
regulation of secretion by cell +   
secretion by lung epithelial cell involved in lung growth  
secretion by the type IV secretion system +  
signal release +   

Exact Synonyms: ECM constituent secretion ;   ECM secretion
Definition Sources: GOC:mah

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