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adaxial/abaxial axis specification +  
anterior region determination 
anterior/posterior axis specification +   
The establishment, maintenance and elaboration of the anterior/posterior axis. The anterior-posterior axis is defined by a line that runs from the head or mouth of an organism to the tail or opposite end of the organism.
anterior/posterior axis specification, follicular epithelium 
anterior/posterior pattern specification involved in kidney development +   
anterior/posterior pattern specification, imaginal disc +  
centrolateral axis specification 
compartment pattern specification +   
dorsal/ventral axis specification +   
embryonic axis specification +   
embryonic heart tube anterior/posterior pattern specification +   
establishment of anatomical structure orientation +   
forebrain anterior/posterior pattern specification  
foregut regionalization +   
growth plate cartilage axis specification  
left/right axis specification  
neural plate anterior/posterior regionalization +   
oocyte axis specification +   
periodic partitioning by pair rule gene 
posterior abdomen determination 
proximal/distal axis specification +   
radial axis specification 
rostrocaudal neural tube patterning +   
somitogenesis +   
specification of axis polarity +   
spinal cord anterior/posterior patterning +   
thorax and anterior abdomen determination  

Related Synonyms: anterior/posterior axis determination
Definition Sources: GOC:dph, GOC:go_curators, GOC:tb

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