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chromatin looping +   
chromatin remodeling +   
chromosomal DNA methylation maintenance following DNA replication  
DNA replication-dependent chromatin assembly  
DNA replication-dependent chromatin disassembly  
heterochromatin organization +   
male pronuclear envelope synthesis 
modulation by virus of host chromatin organization 
negative regulation of chromatin organization +   
nucleolar chromatin organization +   
nucleosome assembly +   
positive regulation of chromatin organization +   
regulation of chromatin organization +   
sperm DNA condensation  
sperm DNA decondensation  
Unwinding of the condensed nuclear chromatin of an inactive male pronucleus after fertilization.
sperm nuclear envelope removal 

Exact Synonyms: sperm chromatin decondensation
Definition Sources: GOC:bf, PMID:11735001, PMID:23352575

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