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QTL: Alcrsp15 (Alcohol response QTL 16) Rattus norvegicus

Symbol: Alcrsp15
Name: Alcohol response QTL 16
RGD ID: 1641918
Also known as: Blood ethanol concentration at regain of righting reflex; BECRR
Trait: alcohol metabolism trait   (VT:0015089)    
Measurement Type: blood ethanol level   (CMO:0000535)    
LOD Score: Likelihood Ratio: 9.0
P Value: Not Available
Variance: Not Available
Position No map positions available.
Cross Type: intercross
Strains Crossed: LAS1 HAS1 

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Mammalian Phenotype
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Clinical Measurement

Experimental Condition
ethanol  (IDA)

Measurement Method

Vertebrate Trait

Rat Strain



Markers in Region
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Additional Information

RGD Curation Notes
Note Type Note Reference
qtl_cross_type intercross  
qtl_general number of animals used: 450 rats inducing agent: intraperitoneal administration of alcohol 3.5 g/kg 1600610
qtl_general measurement method: mean blood ethanol concentration from two 40 microliter retro-orbital blood samples 1600610
qtl_general software package used: Map Manager QTX 1600610
qtl_general allele responsible: HAS allele caused lower BECRR in males than in females 1600610
qtl_statistics Likelihood Ratio: 9.0 1600610