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Echogenic intracardiac focus (HP:0010942)
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Absence of stomach bubble on fetal sonography 
Ductus venosus agenesis 
Echogenic fetal bowel  
Echogenic intracardiac focus 
A finding of a focus of increased echogenicity upon prenatal ultrasound examination of the fetus. The foci may be present in one or both ventricles. Echogenic intracardiac focus (EICF) is defined as a focus of echogenicity comparable to bone, in the region of the papillary muscle in either or both ventricles of the fetal heart.
Enlarged fetal cisterna magna 
Fetal choroid plexus cysts 
Fetal fifth finger clinodactyly 
Fetal pericardial effusion 
Fetal pyelectasis +   
Foramen ovale aneurysm 
Hypoplasia of fetal nasal bone 
Mild fetal ventriculomegaly  
Short fetal femur length 
Short fetal humerus length 
Single umbilical artery  
Thickened nuchal skin fold  

Xrefs: UMLS:C4023634
Definition Sources: HPO:probinson, PMID:16100637, PMID:9527573

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