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Abnormal fetal cardiovascular morphology +   
Abnormal fetal central nervous system morphology +   
Abnormal fetal gastrointestinal system morphology +   
Abnormal fetal genitourinary system morphology +   
Abnormal fetal pulmonary morphology +   
Abnormal fetal skeletal morphology +   
Abnormal fetal skin morphology +   
Fetal head anomaly +  
Fetal neck anomaly +   
Fetal ultrasound soft marker +   
An finding upon obstetric ultrasound examination performed at around 16 to 20 weeks of gestation that is abnormal but not clearly identifiable as a fetal anatomic malformation or growth restriction. Such findings are known as soft markers since they are associated with increased risk for fetal aneuploidy or other disorders.
Hydrops fetalis +   
Increased fetal lens echogenicity 

Exact Synonyms: Foetal ultrasound soft marker
Xrefs: UMLS:C4023366
Definition Sources: PMID:16100637

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