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Abnormality of central motor conduction +   
Abnormality of coordination +   
Abnormality of extrapyramidal motor function +   
Alien limb phenomenon  
Apraxia +   
Athetosis +   
Cerebral palsy +   
Chorea +   
Chvostek sign  
Clonus +   
Fasciculations +   
Involuntary movements +   
Myoclonus +   
Paralysis +   
Paroxysmal dyskinesia  
Episodic bouts of involuntary movements with dystonic, choreic, ballistic movements, or a combination thereof. There is no loss of consciousness during the attacks.
Self-mutilation of tongue and lips due to involuntary movements  
Torticollis +   
Tremor +   
Upper motor neuron dysfunction +   

Related Synonyms: Involuntary dystonic or choreiform movements
Xrefs: MESH:D002819 ;   UMLS:C0752210 ;   UMLS:C1836174
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