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cell chemotaxis +     
astrocyte chemotaxis +   
cell chemotaxis involved in Malpighian tubule morphogenesis 
cell chemotaxis to angiotensin 
cell chemotaxis to fibroblast growth factor +   
cell chemotaxis to vascular endothelial growth factor +   
cellular extravasation +   
colon epithelial cell chemotaxis 
diapedesis +   
endothelial cell chemotaxis +   
fibroblast chemotaxis +   
germ cell attraction 
germ cell repulsion 
leukocyte chemotaxis +   
The movement of a leukocyte in response to an external stimulus.
leukocyte migration involved in immune response +   
leukocyte migration involved in inflammatory response +   
mononuclear cell migration +   
muscle cell chemotaxis toward tendon cell +  
myeloid leukocyte migration +   
negative regulation of leukocyte migration +   
positive regulation of leukocyte migration +   
regulation of leukocyte migration +   
Schwann cell chemotaxis +   
smooth muscle cell chemotaxis +   

Exact Synonyms: immune cell chemotaxis ;   leucocyte chemotaxis
Definition Sources: GOC:add, GOC:jl

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