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defense response +     
respiratory burst +     
behavioral defense response +   
cell activation involved in immune response +   
cellular defense response +   
complement activation +   
defense response by callose deposition +  
defense response by callose deposition in cell wall 
defense response by cell wall thickening +  
defense response to other organism +   
defense response to tumor cell  
encapsulation of foreign target +  
granuloma formation +   
immune complex clearance +   
immune response-regulating cell surface receptor signaling pathway involved in phagocytosis +   
induced systemic resistance, ethylene mediated signaling pathway 
induced systemic resistance, jasmonic acid mediated signaling pathway 
inflammatory response +   
leukocyte degranulation +   
leukocyte mediated immunity +   
leukocyte migration involved in immune response +   
negative regulation of defense response +   
negative regulation of immune effector process +   
negative regulation of respiratory burst +   
opsonization +   
positive regulation of defense response +   
positive regulation of immune effector process +   
positive regulation of respiratory burst +   
regulation of defense response +   
regulation of immune effector process +   
regulation of respiratory burst +   
respiratory burst at fertilization 
respiratory burst involved in defense response +   
A phase of elevated metabolic activity, during which oxygen consumption increases made as part of a defense response ; this leads to the production, by an NADH dependent system, of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), superoxide anions and hydroxyl radicals.

Definition Sources: GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149, PMID:12789499

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