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branching involved in ureteric bud morphogenesis (GO:0001658)
Annotations: Rat: (70) Mouse: (70) Human: (69) Chinchilla: (66) Bonobo: (70) Dog: (69) Squirrel: (67) Pig: (67) Naked Mole-rat: (66) Green Monkey: (73)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
branching involved in blood vessel morphogenesis +   
branching involved in lymph vessel morphogenesis  
branching involved in mammary gland duct morphogenesis +   
branching involved in open tracheal system development +  
branching involved in ureteric bud morphogenesis +   
The process in which the branching structure of the ureteric bud is generated and organized. The ureteric bud is an epithelial tube that grows out from the metanephric duct. The bud elongates and branches to give rise to the ureter and kidney collecting tubules.
epithelial tube branching involved in lung morphogenesis +   
mesenchymal stem cell migration involved in uteric bud morphogenesis 
tube fusion +  
ureteric bud elongation +   
ureteric bud formation +   

Exact Synonyms: ureteric bud branching
Definition Sources: GOC:dph, PMID:16916378

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