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Strain: SHRSP/Gcrc

Symbol: SHRSP/Gcrc
Strain: SHRSP
Substrain: Gcrc
Full Name: Spontaneously hypertensive rat, stroke prone
RGD ID: 734759
Citation ID: RRID:RGD_734759
Ontology ID: RS:0000760
Previously known as: SHRSP/Gla; C2773; MDC-03-22
Type: inbred
Source: University of Glasgow, Western Infirmary, Glasgow, UK
Origin: SHRSP strain is maintained at the University of Glasgow since December 1991. This colony is the result of the strain specific brother-sister mating of 13 SHRSP (6 males and 7 females of each) that were obtained from Dr D.F. Bohr (Department of Physiology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) where they had been maintained as inbred colonies for more than 15 years. Their breeding stocks were originally obtained from NIH
Last Known Status: Unknown


References - curated
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Strain QTL Data
Symbol Name Trait
Bp13 Blood pressure QTL 13 blood pressure trait   (VT:0000183)    
Bp14 Blood pressure QTL 14 arterial blood pressure trait   (VT:2000000)    
Bp15 Blood pressure QTL 15 blood pressure trait   (VT:0000183)    
Damaging Variants
Number of Damaging Variants
SHRSP/Gcrc (MDC) 799
SHRSP/Gcrc (ICL) 742
SHRSP/Gcrc (KNAW) 946
SHRSP/Gcrc (RGD) 1286

Additional Information

RGD Curation Notes
Note Type Note Reference
strain_other larger (compared to WKY/Gcrc) apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) lesion is observed within 1 hr of stroke 2313614
strain_other significant ischemic damage and a smaller penumbra is observed from 1-6 hrs after stroke 2313614