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Disease Portals

Welcome to the RGD Disease Portals. These portals are designed to be entry points for disease researchers to access data and tools related to their area of interest. Click Here for help with the RGD Disease Portals.
Aging & Age Related Disease Cancer & Neoplastic Disease
Cardiovascular Disease Coronavirus Disease
Developmental Disease Diabetes
Hematologic Disease Immune & Inflammatory Disease
Infectious Disease  Liver Disease
Neurological Disease Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome
Renal Disease Respiratory Disease
Sensory Organ Disease

About the RGD Disease Portals
RGD has numerous Disease Portals, where relationships between diseases and genes, QTLs and strains can be explored in human, rat, mouse and in the other five species at RGD. The portals contain data sections for eight other ontologies related to the portal disease category, as well as links to visualization / analysis tools and additional information.

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Disease Ontology (RDO) Annotations - RDO - Gene (8 Species), QTL (Rat & Human) and Rat Strain
  • Ontology Term IDs Only
  • Ontology Term IDs and Text