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multi cell part structure (UBERON:0005162)
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abdominal scute series +  
accessory articulation 
anal fin pterygiophore +  
auditory hillocks +  
auditory hillocks, pharyngeal arch 1 derived +  
auditory hillocks, pharyngeal arch 2 derived +  
basibranchial series 
branchiostegal ray series +  
caudal principal ray set +  
caudal procurrent ray set 
caudal scute series +  
caudal-fin ray pump 
ceratobranchial series +  
dorsal fin pterygiophore +  
dorsal scute series +  
entire embryonic mesenchyme +  
epibranchial arborescent organ 
epibranchial series +  
epipleural series 
gill raker row 
glottis +  
hard palate +  
head capsule 
hemal spine series +  
hyolaryngeal complex 
hypobranchial series 
hypophysial region 
infraorbital series +  
insect analia +  
insect ring gland 
interorbital septum 
intervening zone 
juxtaglomerular apparatus +  
lateral line scale series +  
lower hypural set +  
lower urinary tract +  
medial column +  
midline column 
multi cell part structure +  
A structure consisting of multiple cell components but which is not itself a cell and does not have (complete) cells as a part.
muscle spindle +  
mushroom body 
neural complex of Weberian apparatus 
nuchal plate series +  
ocular adnexa +  
opercular series +  
osseus cochlea +  
palatoglossal arch 
pars inferior ear 
pars superior ear +  
pharyngeal arch system +  
pharyngobranchial series 
pineal complex +  
postzonal element +  
prezonal element +  
proliferative region 
protoneuromast +  
region of neural crest 
renal pelvis/ureter +  
rotator cuff +  
scale row +  
scale sheath 
sensory canal pore series 
shell +  
soft palate +  
sublingual dorsal and ventral separate +  
submandibular series +  
subungual region +  
upper hypural set +  
upper urinary tract +  
vasculature +  
ventricular musculature 
ventricular zone 
visceromotor column 
Weberian apparatus +  
Weberian ossicle set +  
zonal area +  

Exact Synonyms: multi-cell-component structure
Related Synonyms: cell part cluster
Xrefs: AAO:0011000 ;   CARO:0001000 ;   FBbt:00007060 ;   FMA:83115
Definition Sources: CARO:0001000

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