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nervous system cell part layer (UBERON:0022303)
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arthropod sensillum +  
blood brain barrier +  
blood nerve barrier 
cauda equina 
central nervous system +  
central nervous system cell part cluster +  
chemosensory organ +  
developing neuroepithelium +  
digestive syncytial vacuole 
entire myelin sheath 
ganglion +  
ganglionic eminence +  
glial limiting membrane 
glymphatic system 
insect adult nervous system +  
insect embryonic/larval nervous system +  
layer of microvilli +  
luminal layer of epithelium +  
muscle spindle +  
nerve ending +  
nerve fiber +  
nerve plexus +  
nervous system cell part layer +  
Single layer of a laminar structure, identified by different density, arrangement or size of cells and processes arranged in flattened layers or lamina[CUMBO].
neural system +  
neural tissue 
neural tube marginal layer +  
neuroendocrine gland +  
neuron projection bundle +  
perineural vascular plexus 
peripheral nervous system +  
photoreceptor array +  
regional part of nervous system +  
segmental subdivision of nervous system +  
subluminal layer of epithelium +  
ventral midline 
ventricle of nervous system +  
visual processing part of nervous system +  

Broad Synonyms: lamina ;   layer
Xrefs: nlx:149357
Definition Sources: NLX:149357

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