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inborn error of metabolism pathway (PW:0001589)
Annotations: Rat: (529) Mouse: (529) Human: (536) Chinchilla: (497) Bonobo: (517) Dog: (517) Squirrel: (506) Pig: (518)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
acid-base imbalance pathway +   
congenital adrenal hyperplasia pathway +   
glucose metabolism disease pathway +    
inborn error of metabolism pathway +   
Those diseases resulting from alterations in metabolic pathways that are caused by genetic mutations present during fetal development and that may be inherited from a parent or acquired in utero. The mutations can disrupt one or several pathways, giving rise to a broad spectrum of conditions affecting many types of organs and/or tissues.
lipid metabolism disease pathway +   
malabsorption syndrome pathway +   
metabolic syndrome X pathway +    
mitochondrial disease pathway +   
osteochondrodysplasia pathway +   
X-linked genetic disease pathway +   
Y-linked genetic disease pathway 

Exact Synonyms: inborn error of metabolism disease pathway
Definition Sources: MeSH:D008661

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