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Abnormal hand epiphysis morphology +   
Abnormal humeral metaphysis morphology +   
Abnormal humeral ossification +   
Abnormal humerus morphology +   
Abnormal ulnar epiphysis morphology +   
Abnormality of radial epiphyses +   
Abnormality of the epiphyses of the elbow +   
Abnormality of the humeral epiphysis +   
An anomaly of the humeral epiphysis.
Aplasia/hypoplasia of the humerus +   
Delayed upper limb epiphyseal ossification +  
Fragmented epiphyses of the upper limbs +   
Humeral sclerosis +  
Humeroradial synostosis  
Irregular epiphyses of the upper limbs +   
Osteoporotic humerus 
Periosteal new bone of humerus 
Round epiphyses of the upper limbs +  
Scapulohumeral synostosis  
Small epiphyses of the upper limbs +  
Triangular humerus 
Wide epiphyseal plates of the upper limbs +  
Wide epiphyses of the upper limbs +  

Exact Synonyms: Abnormality of end part of the long bone of the upper arm ;   Abnormality of the humeral epiphyses
Xrefs: UMLS:C4021714
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