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branching involved in prostate gland morphogenesis (GO:0060442)
Annotations: Rat: (15) Mouse: (15) Human: (15) Chinchilla: (15) Bonobo: (15) Dog: (15) Squirrel: (15) Pig: (15) Naked Mole-rat: (15) Green Monkey: (15)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
branch elongation of an epithelium +   
branching involved in labyrinthine layer morphogenesis +   
branching involved in pancreas morphogenesis +   
branching involved in prostate gland morphogenesis +   
The process in which the branching structure of the prostate gland is generated and organized. A branch is a division or offshoot from a main stem.
branching involved in salivary gland morphogenesis +   
branching involved in seminal vesicle morphogenesis 
branching morphogenesis of an epithelial tube +   
bud field specification 
dichotomous subdivision of an epithelial terminal unit +   
lateral sprouting from an epithelium +   
primary prostatic bud elongation +   
prostate epithelial cord elongation  
prostate glandular acinus morphogenesis +   
prostatic bud formation +   

Exact Synonyms: prostate gland branching morphogenesis
Related Synonyms: prostate branching
Definition Sources: GOC:dph

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