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2-aminoethylphosphonate transport 
acetate ester transport +   
alkane transport 
allantoin transport 
amine transport +   
aminotriazole transport 
azole transmembrane transport +   
bicyclomycin transmembrane transport 
biopterin transport 
calcium ion transport +   
carbohydrate derivative transport +   
carbohydrate transport +   
cobalamin transport  
cutin transport 
endocytic hemoglobin import into cell  
ferric triacetylfusarinine C import into cell 
flavonoid transport from endoplasmic reticulum to plant-type vacuole 
fosmidomycin transport 
heme transport +   
histamine transport +   
hydrogen peroxide transmembrane transport  
lipid transport +   
lipoprotein transport +   
microtubule polymerization based protein transport +  
modified amino acid transport +   
monoamine transport +   
nucleobase transport +   
nucleobase-containing compound transport +   
one-carbon compound transport +   
organic acid transport +   
organic anion transport +   
The directed movement of organic anions into, out of or within a cell, or between cells, by means of some agent such as a transporter or pore. Organic anions are atoms or small molecules with a negative charge which contain carbon in covalent linkage.
organic cation transport +   
organic hydroxy compound transport +   
organic phosphonate transport 
organomercurial transport 
organophosphate ester transport +   
peptide transport +   
polyamine import across plasma membrane +  
polyamine transport +   
protein import +   
protein insertion into mitochondrial membrane +   
protein transmembrane transport +   
protein transport +   
protein transport to vacuole involved in ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process via the multivesicular body sorting pathway  
purine-containing compound transmembrane transport +   
pyrimidine-containing compound transmembrane transport +   
quaternary ammonium group transport +   
thioester transport +   
triazole transport 
vitamin B6 transport +   
water transport +   
 ADP transport +   
 ATP transport +   
 FAD transport +   

Definition Sources: GOC:ai, GOC:krc

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