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Strain: GK/FarMcwi

Symbol: GK/FarMcwi
Strain: GK
Substrain: FarMcwi
Full Name: Goto-Kakizaki
RGD ID: 10395297
RRID: RGD_10395297
Ontology ID: RS:0004036
Type: inbred
Source: Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Origin: Generated by selective brother x sister breeding of 18 non-diabetic Jcl:Wistar rats which were glucose intolerant on oral glucose tolerant tests. This colony is from F36 generation of the Japanese colony provided by Drs. Suzuki and Toyota of Tokoku University , Sendai Japan. Now bred and maintained at Medical College of Wisconsin
Inbred Generations: 20+
Last Known Status: Unknown

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Damaging Variants
Number of Damaging Variants
GK/FarMcwi (2019) 2802
GK/FarMcwi (2019)

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