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abnormal ventilation-perfusion ratio 
ear hemorrhage 
eye hemorrhage +   
gastrointestinal hemorrhage +   
heart hemorrhage +   
intracranial hemorrhage +   
kidney hemorrhage +   
liver hemorrhage  
lung hemorrhage +   
bleeding within the paired lobed visceral organs of respiration in the pulmonary cavity of the thorax where aeration of the blood normally occurs
lymph node hemorrhage  
muscle hemorrhage  
ovary hemorrhage  
pulmonary embolism  
pulmonary hyperemia  
spinal hemorrhage  
subcutaneous hemorrhage  
testicular hemorrhage  
uterine hemorrhage  
vaginal hemorrhage  

Exact Synonyms: lung haemorrhage ;   pulmonary bleeding ;   pulmonary haemorrhage ;   pulmonary hemorrhage
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8

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