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Abnormal blood vessel morphology +   
Abnormal cerebral vascular morphology +   
Abnormal gastrointestinal vascular morphology +   
Abnormal head blood vessel morphology +   
Abnormal infraorbital artery morphology 
Abnormal lateral cricoarytenoid muscle morphology 
Abnormal lymphatic vessel morphology +   
Abnormal morphology of the musculature of the neck +   
Abnormal neck blood vessel morphology +   
An abnormality of a blood vessel of the neck, including branches of the arterial and venous systems of the neck.
Anterior neck swelling 
Branchial anomaly +   
Broad neck  
Cystic hygroma +   
Fetal neck anomaly +   
Increased adipose tissue around the neck  
Lateral neck mass 
Long neck  
Low posterior hairline  
Neck muscle hypoplasia 
Redundant neck skin  
Short neck  
Vascular granular osmiophilic material deposition  
Webbed neck  

Exact Synonyms: Abnormality of neck blood vessel ;   Abnormality of the cervical blood vessels ;   Abnormality of the cervical vasculature ;   Abnormality of the vasculature of the neck ;   abnormality of blood vessel of neck
Xrefs: UMLS:C4073245
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