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Focal epithelial hyperplasia of oral mucosa (HP:0410340)
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Abnormal pigmentation of the oral mucosa +   
Abnormality of the gingiva +   
Erosion of oral mucosa +   
Erythematous oral mucosa  
Focal epithelial hyperplasia of oral mucosa 
The occurrence of multiple or unique whitish or normal in color small papules or nodules in oral cavity, especially on labial and buccal mucosa, lower lip and tongue, and less often on the upper lip, gingiva and palate.
Intraoral laceration 
Oral cavity telangiectasia +   
Oral erythroplakia 
Oral lichenoid lesion 
Oral mucosa nodule  
Oral mucosal blisters  
Oral synechia  
Stomatitis +   
White lesion of the oral mucosa +   

Exact Synonyms: Focal epithelial hyperplasia of the lining of mouth ;   Oral mucosa epithelial hyperplasia
Definition Sources: PMID:23204755

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