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Abnormal conus terminalis morphology +   
Abnormal spinal meningeal morphology +   
Abnormality of the dorsal column of the spinal cord +   
Abnormality of the spinocerebellar tracts +   
Atrophy/Degeneration involving the spinal cord +   
Cervicomedullary schisis  
Hyperintensity of MRI T2 signal of the spinal cord  
Inflammation of the spinal cord.
Myelopathy +   
Non-infectious meningitis 
Optic neuritis +   
Spinal arteriovenous malformation  
Spinal cord calcifications 
Spinal cord compression +   
Spinal cord granuloma 
Spinal cord lesion +   
Spinal cord posterior columns myelin loss  
Spinal cord tumor +   
Spinal cord xanthomatosis 
Spinal dysraphism +   

Exact Synonyms: Inflammation of spinal cord
Xrefs: MESH:D009187 ;   SNOMEDCT_US:41370002 ;   UMLS:C0026975
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