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Distal amyotrophy +   
Generalized amyotrophy +   
Limb-girdle muscle atrophy +   
Lower limb amyotrophy +   
Nonprogressive muscular atrophy  
Pectoralis amyotrophy  
Peroneal muscle atrophy  
Proximal amyotrophy +   
Amyotrophy (muscular atrophy) affecting the proximal musculature.
Scapuloperoneal amyotrophy  
Spinal muscular atrophy +   
Sternocleidomastoid amyotrophy  
Upper limb amyotrophy +   

Exact Synonyms: Proximal muscle atrophy ;   Proximal muscle wasting ;   Symmetric proximal muscular atrophy ;   Symmetrical, proximal limb muscle atrophy ;   Wasting of muscles near the body
Alternate IDs: HP:0006792 ;   HP:0006966 ;   HP:0008943 ;   HP:0008980 ;   HP:0009041
Xrefs: UMLS:C1850794
Definition Sources:

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