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isoamylase complex +     
angiogenin-PRI complex  
bursicon neuropeptide hormone complex 
chloroplast isoamylase complex 
CNTFR-CLCF1 complex  
complement component C1 complex  
complement component C1q complex  
CRLF-CLCF1 complex  
extracellular ferritin complex 
extracellular isoamylase complex 
A protein complex whose composition varies amongst species; in rice it probably exists in a homo-tetramer to homo-hexamer form and in Gram negative bacteria as a dimer. Functions in the hydrolysis of alpha-(1,6)-D-glucosidic branch linkages. Isoamylases in animals are localized in the extracellular space.
extracellular organelle +   
extracellular space +   
extrahaustorial matrix 
extraorganismal space 
female germline ring canal inner rim 
female germline ring canal outer rim 
hyaluranon cable  
mucus layer +   
perisynaptic space  
perivitelline space  
pituitary gonadotropin complex +   
synaptic cleft  

Definition Sources: GOC:tair_curators

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