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actinomycete-type spore formation 
aerial mycelium formation 
anticlinal cell division 
ascospore formation +  
asexual sporulation +  
asymmetric cell division +   
cell budding +  
A form of asexual reproduction, occurring in certain bacteria and fungi (e.g. yeasts) and some primitive animals in which an individual arises from a daughter cell formed by pinching off a part of the parent cell. The budlike outgrowths so formed may sometimes remain attached to the parent cell.
cytogamy +  
cytokinesis +   
embryonic cleavage  
epidermal cell division +   
forebrain ventricular zone progenitor cell division +   
FtsZ-dependent cytokinesis +  
glioblast division +  
growth plate cartilage chondrocyte division +  
mating type switching +  
mating-type locus imprinting +  
myoblast division 
negative regulation of asexual reproduction +  
negative regulation of cell division +   
neuroblast division +   
periclinal cell division 
plantlet formation on parent plant 
positive regulation of asexual reproduction +  
positive regulation of cell division +   
radial glial cell division in pallium 
regulation of asexual reproduction +  
regulation of cell division +   
septum digestion after cytokinesis +  
sexual macrocyst formation 
spermatocyte division  
spermatogonial cell division  
sporocarp development involved in asexual reproduction 
stem cell division +   
substrate mycelium formation 
symmetric cell division +   
syncytial embryo cellularization 

Broad Synonyms: budding
Never In Taxon: NCBITaxon:33208 ! Metazoa ;   NCBITaxon:4896 ! Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Definition Sources: ISBN:0198506732

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