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Term:spermatogonial cell division
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Accession:GO:0007284 term browser browse the term
Definition:The mitotic divisions of the primary spermatogonial cell (a primordial male germ cell) to form secondary spermatogonia (primary spermatocytes).
Comment:See also the Cell Ontology terms 'spermatogonium ; CL:0000020' and 'primary spermatocyte ; CL:0000656'.
Synonyms:exact_synonym: spermatogonium division

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spermatogonial cell division term browser
Symbol Object Name Qualifiers Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Brip1 BRCA1 interacting helicase 1 acts_upstream_of_or_within ISO MGI:4129733 (MGI:5700253|PMID:26490168) RGD PMID:26490168 MGI:5700253 NCBI chr10:70,907,266...71,031,502
Ensembl chr10:70,907,371...71,030,324
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G Dicer1 dicer 1 ribonuclease III acts_upstream_of_or_within ISO MGI:3622169 (MGI:3777846|PMID:18320056) RGD PMID:18320056 MGI:3777846 NCBI chr 6:123,627,529...123,692,278
Ensembl chr 6:123,631,250...123,693,965
JBrowse link
G Tle6 TLE family member 6, subcortical maternal complex member involved_in ISO (MGI:6478070|PMID:32823735) RGD PMID:32823735 MGI:6478070 NCBI chr 7:8,107,050...8,118,639
Ensembl chr 7:8,107,207...8,118,639
JBrowse link
G Ythdf2 YTH N(6)-methyladenosine RNA binding protein 2 involved_in ISO (MGI:6508516|PMID:31959747) RGD PMID:31959747 MGI:6508516 NCBI chr 5:144,381,426...144,407,126
Ensembl chr 5:144,381,431...144,408,144
JBrowse link
G Zfp449 zinc finger protein 449 acts_upstream_of_or_within ISO (MGI:5693198|PMID:25546433) RGD PMID:25546433 MGI:5693198 NCBI chr  X:134,120,820...134,140,921
Ensembl chr  X:134,122,636...134,140,924
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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 18877
    cellular process 17586
      cellular process involved in reproduction in multicellular organism 510
        spermatogonial cell division 5
Path 2
Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 18877
    reproduction 1753
      multicellular organism reproduction 1082
        multicellular organismal reproductive process 1034
          gamete generation 851
            male gamete generation 668
              spermatogenesis 647
                spermatogonial cell division 5
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