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benign breast adenomyoepithelioma 
benign breast phyllodes tumor 
benign eccrine breast spiradenoma 
benign mammary dysplasia 
breast adenoma +  
breast cyst +  
breast fibroadenoma +   
breast fibroadenosis 
breast fibrocystic disease +  
breast hemangioma +  
breast hyperplasia +  
breast intraductal papillomatosis 
breast juvenile papillomatosis 
breast leiomyoma 
breast lipoma 
breast lobular carcinoma +   
breast myofibroblastoma 
breast neuroendocrine neoplasm  
cutaneous Paget's disease +   
Ductal Carcinoma +   
intraductal breast benign neoplasm +  
A breast benign neoplasm that is located_in the breast ducts. (DO)
intraductal papilloma 
Medullary Carcinomas +   
nipple benign neoplasm +