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compound organ +    
roof of mouth +    
ampulla of Lorenzini 
ampullary organ 
caudal-fin organ +  
cavitated compound organ +  
circulatory organ +  
compound organ component +  
corpus cavernosum maxillaris +  
A bulbous ridge of highly vascularized tissue that runs along the center of the hard palate, expanding cranially to form two large lobes that terminate under the tip of the rostral palate, with another enlarged node at the caudal terminus.
epibranchial organ 
future tongue +  
gustatory epithelium of palate +  
head kidney +  
immature otolith +  
intermaxillary salivary gland 
mouth roof taste bud +  
palatal part of dermatocranium +  
palatine gland 
parapineal organ 
parietal organ 
posterior kidney 
primary palate +  
primitive palate 
respiratory airway +  
secondary palate +  
solid compound organ +  

Exact Synonyms: palatal corpus cavernosum maxillaris ;   palatal reital organ
Broad Synonyms: palatal organ
Definition Sources: PMID:23450839

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