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bony part of hard palate 
corpus cavernosum maxillaris +  
gustatory epithelium of palate +  
intermaxillary salivary gland 
interpterygoid region 
interpterygoid vacuity 
mouth roof taste bud +  
palatal part of dermatocranium +  
palate bone +  
palatine gland 
primary palate +  
primitive palate 
Roof of the buccal cavity, formed from the fusion of vomer, pterygoid, parasphenoid, palatine, ectopterygoid.
secondary palate +  

Related Synonyms: palate
Xrefs: AAO:0010535 ;   TAO:0002093 ;   Wikipedia:Primitive_palate ;   ZFA:0005509
Definition Sources: ISBN:0073040584

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