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mouth +    
aboral subdivision of organism +  
ambulacral area 
anal region +  
anterior abdominal wall +  
anterior chest +  
anterior region of body +  
appendage +  
appendage girdle complex +  
appendage girdle region +  
Aristotle's lantern +  
arthropod tibia 
autopodial extension +  
axillary tail of breast 
baleen plate +  
blind side 
body proper +  
body wall +  
buccal papilla 
buccal vestibule 
cheek pouch +  
craniocervical region +  
dental plaque +  
digit plus metapodial segment +  
dorsal thoracic segment of trunk +  
dorsum +  
enteropneust collar +  
enteropneust proboscis 
enteropneust trunk 
external soft tissue zone +  
future tongue +  
gingival groove 
hip +  
infraclavicular region 
inguinal part of abdomen +  
insect anterior-posterior subdivision of organism +  
insect labrum 
insect proboscis 
inter-ambulacral area 
jaw region +  
A subdivision of the head that corresponds to the jaw skeleton, containing both soft tissue, skeleton and teeth (when present). The jaw region is divided into upper and lower regions.
labial commissure 
labial region 
lamprey sucker 
lateral lumbar region of abdomen 
lateral side of chest 
lingual region 
lip +  
lower jaw region +  
main body axis +  
major salivary gland +  
mantle +  
mons pubis 
mouth floor 
mouth mucosa +  
neck +  
nipple +  
nose +  
ocular side 
oral cavity 
oral frenulum +  
oral gland +  
oral opening +  
oral subdivision of organism 
organismal segment +  
pelvic region of trunk +  
posterior region of body +  
posterolingual region 
pterygomandibular raphe 
quadrant of breast +  
secondary palate +  
shoulder +  
snout +  
soft palate +  
space between upper and lower jaws 
subdivision of head +  
subdivision of organism along appendicular axis +  
subdivision of organism along main body axis +  
subdivision of trunk +  
submandibular gland +  
submandibular region 
temporomandibular joint +  
tongue +  
tongue muscle +  
tunicate postabdomen 
upper jaw region +  
ventrum +  
vermilion +  
visceral hump +  
 bone of jaw +  
 gingiva +  
 jaw skeleton +  

Xrefs: EMAPA:32905 ;   NCIT:C114916
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