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Abnormal cellular physiology +   
Abnormal circulating metabolite concentration +   
Abnormal circulating nucleobase concentration +   
Abnormal CSF metabolite concentration +   
Abnormal CSF protein concentration +   
Abnormal drug response +   
Abnormal enzyme concentration or activity +   
Abnormal erythrocyte sedimentation rate +   
Abnormal homeostasis +   
An anomaly in the processes involved in the maintenance of an internal equilibrium.
Abnormal metabolism +   
Abnormal salivary metabolite concentration +  
Abnormal stool composition +   
Abnormal tissue metabolite concentration +   
Abnormality of urine homeostasis +   
Acute phase response +   
Amyloidosis +   
Ketosis +   
Positive infectious agent test +   
Presence of xenobiotic +   

Xrefs: MP:0001764 "Abnormal homeostasis" ;   UMLS:C4022950
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