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polyketide catabolic process (GO:0030640)
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(+)-kotanin catabolic process 
(17Z)-protosta-17(20),24-dien-3beta-ol catabolic process 
2-nitropropane catabolic process 
acetylcholine catabolic process +   
actinorhodin metabolic process +  
aldehyde catabolic process +   
alkanesulfonate catabolic process +  
ansamycin metabolic process +  
arugosin catabolic process 
asperfuranone metabolic process +  
asperthecin catabolic process 
aspyridone A metabolic process +  
aspyridone B metabolic process +  
austinol catabolic process 
averantin metabolic process +  
betaine aldehyde catabolic process 
brevianamide F catabolic process 
candicidin catabolic process 
carbohydrate catabolic process +   
carbohydrate derivative catabolic process +   
cordyol C catabolic process 
cspyrone B1 catabolic process 
cyanide catabolic process 
daunorubicin metabolic process +   
dehydroaustinol catabolic process 
demethylkotanin catabolic process 
dimethylsulfoniopropionate catabolic process 
diorcinol catabolic process 
doxorubicin metabolic process  
emericellamide catabolic process +  
emericellin catabolic process 
emodin catabolic process 
endocrocin catabolic process 
ergot alkaloid catabolic process +  
ether catabolic process +   
F-9775A metabolic process +  
F-9775B metabolic process +  
fatty acid derivative catabolic process +   
flavonoid catabolic process +  
fonsecin metabolic process +  
fumitremorgin B catabolic process 
fumonisin catabolic process 
gerfelin catabolic process 
granaticin metabolic process +  
halogenated hydrocarbon catabolic process +  
helvolic acid catabolic process 
hydrocarbon catabolic process +   
ketone catabolic process +   
lipid catabolic process +   
macrolide metabolic process +  
macromolecule catabolic process +   
monodictyphenone catabolic process 
N',N'',N'''-triacetylfusarinine C catabolic process 
neosartoricin metabolic process +  
o-orsellinic acid catabolic process 
ochratoxin A catabolic process 
orcinol catabolic process 
organic acid catabolic process +   
organic cyclic compound catabolic process +   
organic hydroxy compound catabolic process +   
organomercury catabolic process +  
organonitrogen compound catabolic process +   
organophosphate catabolic process +   
organosilicon catabolic process +  
orlandin catabolic process 
oxytetracycline metabolic process +  
penicillin catabolic process +  
polyketide biosynthetic process +  
polyketide catabolic process +  
The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the breakdown of polyketides, any of a diverse group of natural products synthesized via linear poly-beta-ketones, which are themselves formed by repetitive head-to-tail addition of acetyl (or substituted acetyl) units indirectly derived from acetate (or a substituted acetate) by a mechanism similar to that for fatty acid biosynthesis but without the intermediate reductive steps.
S-adenosylmethionine catabolic process +  
shamixanthone catabolic process 
siderophore catabolic process +  
tensidol A catabolic process 
tensidol B catabolic process 
terrequinone A catabolic process 
tetracenomycin C metabolic process +  
tetracycline metabolic process +  
thiocyanate catabolic process 
urate catabolic process  
violaceol I catabolic process 
violaceol II catabolic process 
Z-phenylacetaldoxime catabolic process 

Exact Synonyms: polyketide breakdown ;   polyketide catabolism ;   polyketide degradation
Definition Sources: GOC:mah, ISBN:0198506732

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