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anterior midgut invagination 
anterior neuropore closure +   
dorsal closure +  
embryonic anterior midgut (ectodermal) morphogenesis 
embryonic epithelial tube formation +   
establishment or maintenance of polarity of embryonic epithelium +   
mammary gland bud formation +   
mammary gland cord formation 
neural fold formation +   
neural plate axis specification  
neural plate morphogenesis +   
The process in which the anatomical structures of the neural plate are generated and organized. The neural plate is a specialized region of columnar epithelial cells in the dorsal ectoderm that will give rise to nervous system tissue.
neuropore closure +   
optic cup morphogenesis involved in camera-type eye development +   
posterior neuropore closure 
primary lung bud formation +   
progression of neural tube closure 
prostatic bud formation +   

Definition Sources: GOC:dph, ISBN:0878932437

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