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female reproductive organ measurement (CMO:0002084)
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age of puberty 
brain measurement +   
copulation duration 
ear measurement +  
egg measurement, fowl +  
ejaculation measurement +  
eye measurement +  
female reproductive organ measurement +   
Any measurement of an organ which is part of the complex of female gonads, associated ducts, and external genitalia concerned with sexual reproduction.
fertilization measurement +  
gestation period length 
heart measurement +   
intestine measurement +  
kidney measurement +   
liver measurement +   
lung measurement +  
lymph node measurement +  
maternal age at birth of first offspring 
maternal age at birth of last offspring 
maternal age at first egg production 
number of blastocysts implanted per litter 
number of fetuses with external malformations to total number of live fetuses ratio +  
number of fetuses with skeletal malformations to total number of fetuses ratio +  
number of fetuses with visceral malformations to total number of fetuses ratio +  
offspring measurement +   
organ effluent measurement +  
organ lesion measurement +   
organ morphological measurement +   
pancreas measurement +   
pituitary gland measurement +   
semen measurement +  
sperm measurement +  
spleen measurement +   
stomach measurement +   
superovulation/artificial insemination measurement +  
thymus measurement +   
thyroid gland measurement +  
time interval between offspring 
tongue measurement +   
urinary bladder measurement +  

Definition Sources: American_Heritage:The_American_Heritage_Medical_Dictionary_2007

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