Quick guide to QTL nomenclature


View the complete guidelines for QTL nomenclature. A table of QTL trait names and preferred QTL symbols and names can be found at http://rgd.mcw.edu/nomen/rgd_traits.html


A QTL symbol should:



־         a stem consisting of an abbreviation of the name (usually the first letters of each word in the name).

־         the serial number in the QTL name.


A QTL name should:



־         a root name describing the measured trait/subtrait. Those QTL affecting the same trait should be given the same stem.

־         the designation QTL

־         a serial number, which will be assigned by RGD and Ratmap after submission of the QTL or curation of the literature


        be named for the measured trait and not a disease. However, some historically named QTL carry the name of the disease with which they are associated, and these names are maintained.