Welcome to the MCW Gene Editing Rat Resource Center!

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) has awarded Howard Jacob, PhD and the Medical College of Wisconsin an R24 Resource grant to make ~200 genetically modified rat strains over the next five years. These models will be of interest and value to the mission of the NHLBI. The NHLBI promotes the prevention and treatment of heart, lung, and blood diseases through scientific discovery directed toward the causes of disease and translation of basic discoveries into clinical practice.

The rat strains will be made using several different gene editing technologies, making it feasible to genetically modify genes in rats in any desired background much faster than traditional technology.

Round 3 is now closed.  Results for Round 3 applications will be announced in November 2014. 

Round 3 application information can be found below.
Click here to Download application instructions 

Download the application [PDF]  [MS Word]

An example of a filled application can be found [here].  

Download sample Material Transfer Agreement [PDF]  [MS Word]

Round 4 applications will be due in early 2015.

Questions: Please contact mcwcustomrats@mcw.edu


We are pleased to announce the results from the Round 1 & 2 applications. 

The External Advisory Board reviewed all applications and prioritized the following genes for Round 1 & 2 modifications in associated strain (table below). Strains listed as pending require some discussion between the nominating investigator and MCW strain development team prior to intiating the gene modification.  Nominated genes not selected for Round 2 modification will receive feedback and can modify the application for the next round of applications. 

Gene Strain
Adora1 SS/Mcwi
Muc1 FHH/EurMcwi
Helz2 FHH-BN3/Mcwi
Mmp9 SS/Mcwi
Sh2b3 SS/Mcwi
Abcd1 DA
P2rx1 SS/Mcwi
Stk39 SS/Mcwi
Sirt3 SS/Mcwi and T2DN
Egln1 WKY
Mrpl28 Lewis
Rorc pending
Scnn1g SS-BN13/Mcwi
Trpv4 WKY
Arhgef11 SS/Mcwi
Trpv2 WKY
Tert WKY
Kcnj10 SS/Mcwi
Grk4 WKY
P2rx7 PCK
Adora2a SS/Mcwi
Asic3 WKY
Gla DA
RGD1562963 LH-17LN
Pkd1 LEW
Pappa2 SS/Mcwi
Casr SS/Mcwi
Fgf13 WKY
Nfatc1 SS/Mcwi
Sik2 WKY
Arhgdia SS/Mcwi
Chrna5 LEW
Chrna3 LEW
Chrnb4 LEW
Kcnq1 SS/Mcwi
Trpc6 SS/Mcwi
Arhgef7 SS/Mcwi
Spp1 SHR