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Strains and Models

RGD Strain Search – RGD is a worldwide repository for rat strains containing all pertinent information which is curated from recent research publications, direct submissions from individual researchers, and rat providers. Search here for strains based on a variety of factors including symbol, origin, and behavior.

Strain Availability –  Rat strains are commercially available for research. Strains originated by researchers are listed along with a link to the respective groups. A click on the parental strain leads to a detailed list of different types of strains generated from the parental strain and their availability. Interested individuals can order rat strains through commercial and non-commercial vendors or contact individuals to find the availability of rats.

Disease Models – Animal models are widely used to mimic human diseases.  Rats serve as excellent models for human diseases as they have similar phenotypes during the progression of selected diseases. Diseases can even be induced by drugs and environmental changes in rats. Due to their size and ease of maintenance, rats are highly preferred as an experimental model.  Here are a few strains that have been used as models for disease research.

Animal Husbandry – Some techniques for rat breeding and maintenance are mentioned here. These links act as an initial platform for some technical and experimental needs for rat researchers.


Recent Reviews about Rat Strains

Rat Strain Publications

PhenoMiner: quantitative phenotype curation at the rat genome database.
Ontology searching and browsing at the Rat Genome Database.



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