Hematologic Disease Portal – Rat Strain Models

Rats have been used as models for many complex human diseases.  This page gives information about some rat strains which are models for Hematologic Diseases.

Leukocyte Disorders

Strain Symbol Strain RGD ID
Reference Disease(s) Phenotype(s)
DA.Cg-Foxn1rnu Lystbg/Slc 2306059 RGD: 2306054 Chediak-Higashi Syndrome impaired natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity
increased bleeding time
MES/Slc 1302728 RGD: 631176
RGD: 5135222
RGD: 11531130
Eosinophilia increased eosinophil cell number

Hemorrhagic and Platelet Disorders

Strain Symbol Strain RGD ID Reference(s) Disease(s) Phenotype(s)
SD/Novo-F8em1Sage-/- 11531091 RGD: 11530071 Hemophilia A hemorrhage
increased partial thromboplastin time
increased leukocyte cell number
WAG-F8m1Ycb 2314904 RGD: 7245964 Hemophilia A decreased erythrocyte cell number
decreased hematocrit
decreased hemoglobin content
WAG/RijYcb 2314861 RGD: 7245962 Hemorrhagic Disorders increased partial thromboplastin time
decreased erythrocyte cell number
decreased hematocrit
decreased hemoglobin content
BG 1578699 RGD: 11531097
RGD: 729808
Hypochromic Anemia abnormal iron level
microcytic anemia
TM/Kyo 1302623 RGD: 1302447 Platelet Storage Pool Deficiency increased bleeding time
RGD: 1300411 Hermanski-Pudlak Syndrome increased bleeding time
FH 68036 RGD: 1300411 Hermanski-Pudlak Syndrome
FHH 60993 RGD: 1300411 Platelet Storage Pool Deficiency
WF/NHsd 737908 RGD: 11531111 Thrombocytopenia thrombocytopenia
increased mean platelet volume
RGD: 11531112 Thrombocytopenia decreased megakaryocyte cell number
abnormal thrombopoiesis
RGD: 11531117 Gray Platelet Syndrome abnormal platelet alpha-granule morphology

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