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This page is no longer being updated. Please see the updated RGD Disease Portal Landing Page for the most recent list of disease portals.
Disease Portals

RGD disease portals are designed to be entry points for disease researchers to access data and tools related to their area of interest.

Click here to read more about RGD disease portals. Click here to watch the RGD Disease Portals tutorial video.

RGD’s complete set of disease ontology (RDO) annotations for rat, mouse and/or human genes, rat and/or human QTL or rat strains are available for download. Click here to access the RGD download site’s “annotated RGD objects by ontology” directory and choose the tab-delimited text file you are interested in. For files that include the ontology terms themselves in addition to ontology IDs choose the “with terms” folder and select the appropriate file in that directory.


About RGD’s Disease Portals:

RGD maintains a growing list of disease portals, each designed to be an entry point for researchers to access consolidated data and tools related to a particular category of diseases. In addition to disease-related genes, QTL and strains, RGD’s disease portals contain sections for Phenotypes, Biological Processes and Pathways related to the disease category covered by that portal. These, along with links to tools and information within and outside RGD to help disease researchers, are accessed via the menu tabs along the top of each portal page:

For each portal, the default view is of the disease section of the portal. On this page, view data for all associated disease states or refine your selection using pull-down lists of diseases (see below). A single click on a disease will provide a summary of the associated genes, QTLs, and strains. The GViewer image gives a genome-wide view of human, rat and mouse data, and color-coded synteny maps allow comparison between species. Lists of objects annotated to the selected disease category and/or term are linked to comprehensively curated RGD records providing additional functional and genomic annotation.
Each RGD Disease Portal also provides one-click access to data on Phenotypes, Pathways and Biological Processes associated with diseases in that category.
Tools, Related Links and Rat Strain Models pages link to additional resources of interest to disease researchers.
The default view for any section of a disease portal shows all of the genes, QTL and/or strains annotated to any term in that section of the portal. To narrow this to a particular category, use the drop-down lists at the top of the page. The first list contains categories which are broader in scope.
Once a term is chosen in the first list, the second drop-down becomes active. Choose a more narrow term from this list to further specify the disease, phenotype, biological process or pathway category, or leave this as “All” to view all the data for the wider category.

To learn more, watch this short tutorial video:



RGD is funded by grant HL64541 from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute on behalf of the NIH.