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Strain: SD/Hsd, Sprague Dawley



Physical Features

Coat color

White (albino)



Other distinguishing features



Body weight

8 weeks 10 weeks 13 weeks
Male  n/a 318 ± 3 g 321 ± 5 g
Female n/a 219 ± 4 g 223 ± 2 g


Average litter size n/a
Average generation time n/a
Fertility n/a

Phenotype Data

Clinical Measurement
heart rate
systolic blood pressure
mean arterial blood pressure
body weight
heart weight
red blood cell count
blood hemoglobin level
white blood cell count
platelet count
blood neutrophil count
blood lymphocyte count
blood monocyte count
blood eosinophil count
blood basophil count
mean corpuscular volume
red blood cell distribution width-coefficient of variation
blood glucose level
blood urea nitrogen level
blood total cholesterol level
plasma total protein level
serum creatinine level
plasma potassium level
heart wet weight
heart weight to body weight ratio
kidney weight
left kidney wet weight
both kidneys wet weight
liver weight
lung weight
plasma renin activity level
blood triglyceride level
blood bilirubin level
brain weight
brain weight to body weight ratio
liver weight as percentage of body weight
adrenal gland weight
spleen weight
spleen weight to body weight ratio
brain wet weight
liver wet weight
both lungs wet weight
adrenal gland wet weight
spleen wet weight
testis wet weight
both testes wet weight
ejection fraction
mean corpuscular hemoglobin level
mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
pancreas weight
left atrium weight
right atrium weight
serum triglyceride level
serum total cholesterol level
blood differential white blood cell count
total serum bilirubin level
both ovaries weight
food intake rate
serum chloride level
blood potassium level
blood sodium level
serum sodium level
blood calcium level
serum calcium level
blood phosphate level
heart left ventricle weight to body weight ratio
blood creatinine level
serum phosphate level
serum glucose level
blood albumin level
serum albumin level
plasma aldosterone level
serum testosterone level
blood alanine aminotransferase activity level
serum alanine aminotransferase activity level
blood alkaline phosphatase activity level
serum alkaline phosphatase activity level
blood aspartate aminotransferase activity level
serum aspartate aminotransferase activity level
serum urea nitrogen level
left ventricular end-systolic blood pressure
left ventricular end-diastolic blood pressure
thymus weight
thymus weight to body weight ratio
pituitary gland weight
serum total protein level
organ infarction size measurement
urine total protein excretion rate
urine protein excretion rate
creatinine clearance
heart left ventricle weight
heart right ventricle weight
prostate gland weight
heart right ventricle weight to body weight ratio
amount of experiment time spent in a discrete space in an experimental apparatus
number of entries into a discrete space in an experimental apparatus
heart left ventricular end-diastolic diameter
heart left ventricle end-systolic diameter
heart left ventricle end-diastolic relative wall thickness
kidney sclerotic glomeruli count to total glomeruli count ratio
total horizontal distance resulting from voluntary locomotion in an experimental apparatus
maximum rate of positive change in left ventricular blood pressure
maximum rate of negative change in left ventricular blood pressure
effective renal plasma flow
change in body weight
duration of loss of righting reflex
thyroid gland weight
blood globulin level
serum globulin level
blood albumin level to blood globulin level ratio
uterus wet weight
heart left ventricle end-diastolic posterior wall thickness
time to locate a hidden target platform in an experimental apparatus
anorectal malformation incidence/prevalence measurement
anogenital distance to cube root of body weight ratio
urine protein level to urine creatinine level ratio
glomerular filtration rate to body weight ratio
blood hemoglobin A1c level
renal filtration fraction
heart left atrium weight to body weight ratio
heart right atrium weight to body weight ratio
Heart septum weight
Serum parathyroid hormone level
adrenal gland renin level
both ovaries weight to body weight ratio

Note: data from males, under standard conditions.


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