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Commonly Used Strains

Strain Name  Strain Description  Strain Profile 
BN  Brown Norway  BN profile 
CDF  Fischer CDF  CDF profile 
CD.IGS  CD.IGS  CD.IGS profile 
FHH  Fawn-Hooded Hypertensive  FHH profile 
GH  Genetically Hypertensive  GH profile 
LE/BluGill  Long Evans/Blue Spruce  LE/BluGill profile 
LEW  Lewis  LEW profile 
SHR  Spontaneously Hypertensive  SHR profile
SD/Hsd  Sprague Dawley  SD/Hsd profile
SS  Dahl Salt-Sensitive  SS profile 
WKY  Wistar/Kyoto  WKY profile 


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