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6/24/2022 – New paper alert! Published in Frontiers in Genetics

Frontiers in Genetics

Body Composition and Metabolic Changes in a Lyon Hypertensive Congenic Rat and Identification of Ercc6l2 as a Positional Candidate Gene. By Karen C Clark, Valerie A Wagner, Katie L Holl, John J Reho, Monika Tutaj, Jennifer R Smith, Melinda R Dwinell, Justin L Grobe, Anne E Kwitek, published in Frontiers in Genetics, section Genetics of Common and Rare Diseases.
The Lyon Hypertensive (LH) rat is a well-characterized hypertensive model that also exhibits spontaneous and profound differences in body weight and adiposity, relative to its metabolically healthy control, the Lyon Normotensive (LN) rat. The mechanisms underlying the body weight differences between these strains are not well-understood, thus a congenic model (LH17LNa) was developed. The discovery of the significance of Ercc6l2 in the context of female-specific adipocyte biology could represent a novel role of DNA repair failure syndromes in obesity pathogenesis.
Data from RGD was used for some of the analyses.

The paper can be accessed HERE.



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