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RGD announces the release of an updated PhenoMiner tool

RGD announces an updated PhenoMiner tool . PhenoMiner is an ontology-structured database of quantitative phenotype data for the laboratory rat from scientific literature (manual curation) and from high-throughput phenotyping projects (imported, provided by investigators). The PhenoMiner Tool allows users to query and visualize quantitative phenotype data across rat strains and between studies.

PhenoMiner data includes detailed information about what (CMO, clinical measurement ontology), how (MMO, measurement method ontology), and under what conditions (XCO, experimental conditions ontology) phenotypes were measured in what animals (species, strain) for each measurement value. The updates provide improved search functionality and simplified filtering of the data. In addition, the new upgrades provide the option of viewing results for related terms with the same unit of measurement in the same graph. The upgraded tool provides the ability to download either filtered results or all results matching the user’s original query, providing users with documentation at multiple levels. Thus, the improvements in the PhenoMiner user interface will enable better data access, filtering, and visualization and the continued ability to download data for further analyses.

PhenoMiner can be accessed HERE.

CLICK HERE to go the PhenoMiner help page.



RGD is funded by grant HL64541 from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute on behalf of the NIH.